Connecting with our Home Communities

Our companies and our employees have a strong tradition of connecting with nonprofit agencies and their dedicated volunteers, as well as with local and state leaders and other partners. Our shared goal is to continually improve the communities where we live, work and raise our families.

We support a wide range of causes in our home communities, and place a special emphasis on education and youth, which we believe are the foundation for building a healthy future in a strong and vibrant community.

 2013 Community ReportView Community Report

For more information about how The Hanover* works with our home communities, please take a moment to review our 2013 Community Report or contact:

Worcester, MA
Jennifer Luisa, Assistant Vice President,
Community Relations

The Hanover Insurance Group
440 Lincoln Street, S250
Worcester, MA 01653
Howell, MI
Becky E. Best, Corporate Community Relations Manager
Citizens Insurance Company of America
808 Highlander Way, HWC340
Howell, MI 48843


Charitable Foundation Grant Program

The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc.*

The mission of The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc. is to improve the quality of life in communities where our companies have a major presence, placing a special emphasis on helping to build world class public education systems, and inspiring and empowering youth to achieve their full potential. Generally, grants are funded for one cycle and are not renewable. Foundation guidelines prohibit grants to religious groups, fraternities, labor and political organizations, and professional organizations.

Organizations may apply for grants at any time; however, applications for foundation funding will be reviewed and approved on a quarterly basis by Corporate Community Relations personnel and senior management.

Submission Deadline Review Meeting
January 15 March
April 15 June
July 15 September
September 15 November

Requests for grants must be made by using The Hanover Insurance Group Foundation, Inc. grant application package and process. This package can be accessed below or by contacting our Worcester or Howell offices.

Important Information and Grant Documents

If you would like to apply for a grant, these documents will assist you in the application process. Please note that the grant application package must be completed in its entirety before submitting it to our foundation for review.

For your convenience, we have separated the Grant Application package:

Completed grant applications should be submitted to the representative responsible for your geographic location.

*Includes The Hanover Insurance Company and Citizens Insurance Company of America, companies of The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.