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When it comes to auto safety, most business owners have the same goals: be known for your quality products and service, have fewer accidents, give better customer service, save money and be a more attractive risk.

That goal might seem distant, but with Hanover Risk Solutions, we can help you create a roadmap to reach it.

Hanover Risk Solutions can steer you to the education, training and resources you need to address the gaps in your training and maintenance program, help you change direction toward a more profitable program, or merely help make your already sound program even better.

Management Training Organizational Fleet Safety Program

This free course provides information about nine elements that make up a quality Fleet Safety Program and strategies for developing and implementing a program.

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We’ve developed the following resources to support your efforts in developing and maintaining an effective automobile safety program.

Driver Qualifications
Driver Safety Talks

Discounted Products, Services and Training

We’ve partnered with industry associates to offer products, services and training at no charge or substantial discount to help you control losses and improve auto-related economics.

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Hanover Driver Safety Advantage — Free online training courses on topics including defensive driving, distracted driving, and more.  Access Now.

Driver’s Alert — over 50 online training courses on topics including driver fatigue, defensive driving, HazMat Transportation, and more are available at a special discount. Many courses are available in both English and Spanish. Access Now.

CLMI – driver training DVDs are available at a special discount.  Access Now

Coaching Systems LLC — courses designed specifically for operators of school buses, special needs passenger vehicles, and 15-passenger vans available at a discount.  Access Now.
GPS Monitoring

GPS Monitoring offers standard GPS capabilities such as route planning and monitoring, plus theft prevention and recovery; offered through Driver’s Alert at a special discount.  Access Now.

Driver Monitoring

“How’s My Driving?” driver monitoring service captures fleet data to help improve how organizations do business; offered through Driver’s Alert at a special discount.  Access Now.

Motor Vehicle Records Check

Motor Vehicle Records checks are available at discount prices through IntelliCorp Records, Inc., a subsidiary of ISO.  Access Now.

Security Cameras and Video Alarm

Stanley’s eVideo Alarm verification provides a completely wireless and battery operated alarm system that can be used to help secure your vehicles in your parking lot.  Access Now.

Tip of the Month

Responsible hosting should rule the day

Preventing others from driving impaired might seem like their responsibility, but as the host of a holiday party, you may be held responsible for serving alcohol to minors or over-serving to someone who then has what could be a serious accident. How to help? Don't host parties for people you know you can't control and if you want to do so, go to a restaurant where the liability is in their hands. If you do host a party, when guests RSVP, ask about their plans for a designated driver. Offer alternatives to alcohol - serve fun "mocktails" and soft drinks in abundance and be diligent about offering them to the designated drivers in your group. Provide plenty of food and activities other than drinking to give guests something else to focus on other than drinking. Stop serving the alcoholic beverages at a certain point long before the end of the party to help folks sober up before they leave. Have someone be the bartender to keep some control over the beverage consumption. When guests are leaving, do your best to make them stay if they seem too intoxicated to drive and/or encourage them to take a cab or driving service and offer to help them retrieve their car the next day. Be prepared to take the keys and call a friend, loved one or paid driver to give a guest a ride if someone is clearly over the limit and a danger.

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