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With each passing day, we learn more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. And, more questions come in to you and to us about our business operations. Please know that as the COVID-19 pandemic brings us into uncharted territory, we are committed to doing our part to minimize the spread of the virus while also providing responsive service to you and your customers.

We've created our COVID-19 agent resource center so you'll have the latest details from us at the ready. Throughout the outbreak we will update the information in our resource center as quickly as we have answers to new questions and circumstances that arise.

Answers to questions we've received

We know you and your customers have coverage, claims and billing questions. Here are answers based on what we know now. As always, each situation is unique and assessed individually in accordance to the protection package in place and the specific circumstances presented.

+How are you helping policyholders who are facing financial hardship?

We understand many of your customers are worried about finances and employment. In this unprecedented time, and always, our billing team is prepared to help with billing and payment questions. As with our insurance products, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, on a case-by-case basis, we will work to understand the policyholder's circumstances and determine what solutions might be viable. We are monitoring bulletins from state departments of insurance (DOI) and will adjust our handling accordingly. If your customers have concerns, please direct them to our billing team at 800-922-8427 or agents may email us at for PL accounts or for CL accounts.

+What are some of the options The Hanover might offer to policyholders facing financial hardships?

On a case-by-case basis, we will consider the following flexible options for customers who indicate that their financial situations was/is impacted by the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) actions:

  • Move the current billed amount to the end of the policy term, if possible
  • Re-spread the current billed amount over the policy term
  • Stop/delay non-payment cancellation activity
  • Waive related late fees upon request
Additionally, we will carefully consider other options should none of the above seem feasible.

+Do you anticipate any impact to EFT payments or the EFT schedule?

We have no plans to deactivate EFT. Customers who wish to deactivate their EFT may do so using My Hanover Policy. If customers deactivate EFT and need to make arrangements, they are asked to contact a member of our billing team at 800-922-8427.

+How can customers obtain their invoices if they are not able to access their mail?

Customers who aren't able to receive invoices due to a location closure or interruption of mail services can sign-up for ebilling through My Hanover Policy and receive email notifications as new invoices are available.

+Will you allow customers to make mid-term billing changes?

Customers are able to make EFT changes through My Hanover Policy. Agents can make EFT changes and payment changes via the contact centers.

+How is The Hanover handling agency bill payment accommodations?

The Hanover will accommodate agencies on a case-by-case basis and provide 30-to-60-day relief on payments. If you have a customer with this need, please reach out to your agency accounting contact and advise when the customer expects to make the payment. A reminder that we do not have an automated cancellation process for agency bill, therefore, there is no risk a nonpayment situation will result in a cancellation notice.

+How will you handle California policies?

For all California policies, we will be placing a 60-day hold on delinquency and those currently in intent to cancel (ITC) status will not be cancelled for 60 days. Those due to issue an ITC will not be issued for 60 days.

+Will coronavirus claims be covered?

As always, we’re here to help. We can answer your specific questions regarding coverage for reported claims. Unfortunately, because every claim is unique, we are unable to provide general statements on claims scenarios regarding coronavirus coverage.

+What should I do if my client believes they have a coronavirus claim?

Please report the claim as you normally would do. We will review the claim following our regular processes and protocols, and engage you and the insured as needed, as quickly as possible. You can reach our claims service department at 800-628-0250.

+How should I get more information about whether a coronavirus scenario will be covered?

Every protection package and every claim is unique. Please follow our regular claims processes and protocols to get answers to your questions about specific claim scenarios regarding the coronavirus.

+Are Hanover claims adjusters and appraisers conducting onsite visits during the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes. We're committed to doing our part to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. We are also committed to preventing additional damage to your customers' property and applying policy coverage, which often requires physical access to property. To ensure everyone's well-being and safety, The Hanover adheres to CDC health requirements and has asked employees to follow all precautionary safety measures when meeting with customers to resolve claims.

+What safety precautions are Hanover claims adjusters and appraisers taking for onsite visits?

In adherence with CDC health recommendations, we've asked employees to:

  • Stay home from work if they feel under the weather
  • Wash their hands for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol
  • Maintain a safe "social distance" of six feet from others and refrain from handshaking
  • Reassure customers that they are not sick, have not been in contact with anyone who is sick and have not traveled recently to one of the countries on the CDC's travel advisory list

+Do you offer virtual appraisals for my customer's property or business?

Yes. We have virtual and self-service tools available depending on the claim. We may be able to work over the phone or advise customers on how to provide photos and videos of any damage themselves. We also may use a drone to evaluate roof damage, which does not involve in-person contact. If a virtual option is available to your customers, we'll let them know when we request the evaluation.

+Do you have a specific virtual tool for car appraisals involved in an accident?

Hanover customers can get their vehicles inspected using their smartphones. It's a popular option for both commercial and personal line customers in all states except for Massachusetts (which will be available this spring) and Rhode Island. Appraisals can be available within a few hours after using the technology.

+If I am eligible to resolve my claim via the phone or through technology, will this delay my claim processing?

If your claim is eligible, smartphone and virtual options are very efficient. You may file and track claims using My Hanover Policy and the Hanover mobile app.

+Is your roadside assistance program still running?

Yes, if your customers are on the roads, so are we. Our roadside assistance program is fully operational and available to policyholders with this coverage. They may reach out to the roadside assistance team at 800-628-0250.

+Is The Hanover willing to cover temporary delivery exposure for insureds with non-owned auto and hired car liability coverage?

Yes. The Hanover recognizes that restaurants and other retail businesses need to offer delivery to keep their businesses viable. Typically, an additional premium would be charged to their non-owned and hired car coverage. However, for customers offering delivery due to the coronavirus outbreak, we will not increase premiums during this period of government restrictions on normal business operations. We encourage our insureds to visit and our Risk Solutions site to learn how to best manage delivery exposures and their liabilities.

+Is The Hanover accepting mid-term sales and payroll adjustments?

We fully expect sales and payroll levels will decrease due to the restrictions on commerce during this health crisis. We will consider reducing exposures for policyholders who are impacted. We ask that you consider where your insured is in their policy term and whether their policy is auditable or not. We recognize that you and our insureds will need to estimate the length of the disruption and its impact on their sales and payrolls.

+Are you still applying inflation guards for general liability (GL) and workers' compensation (WC)?

We will be reducing general liability and workers' compensation inflation guards to 0% for sales and payroll exposures. Our Middle Market business will be able to act earlier than our Small Commercial organization because the Small Commercial workflow starts 120 days out. We do not plan to automatically lower building or personal property inflation guards, but we will adjust personal property values/limits if stocks decrease or our insured downsizes. When the economy recovers, we will reestablish the inflation guards appropriately.

+Will The Hanover institute any moratoriums on classes of business, coverages or changes in underlying limits of insurance?

The Hanover does not plan to change our underwriting and product practices as a result of the coronavirus. As always, we underwrite risks individually and structure coverage based on the exposures and our filed products and rates.

+How will The Hanover handle a new business or renewal policy requiring additional underwriting information or a physical loss control visit as a condition to bind?

The Hanover is committed to flexibility and working with our agents and customers in these situations. Our Risk Solutions team has the ability to conduct phone surveys to verify much of the information. Where this isn't feasible, we will look for alternative sources of information and be accommodating in obtaining such information after the civil authority is lifted. In addition, we will allow a grace period over the next 60 days for existing recommendations on previously issued policies.

+Do you offer virtual home evaluations?

Yes. For the safety of our customers and vendor partners we are ceasing all interior home evaluations. We have partnered with YouGoLook to offer self-service home evaluations for eligible risks up to $3M in coverage A. A notification has been added on the policy confirmation page of TAP Sales if the customer is eligible for the self-evaluation option. For more information on this new option, visit

+Do you offer virtual inspections for my customer's property?

Yes. We have virtual and self-service tools. In particular, we have partnered with YouGoLook to offer self-service home evaluations in some states to help ensure customers have the coverage they need. If this option is available to your customers, we'll let them know when we request the evaluation.

+Are you processing policy changes and new business?

Yes, we are. We are open for business and ready to assist you with policy changes, requests for proposals and setting up new accounts. Please reach out to your local Hanover contact with specific questions.

+Is there coverage for business income loss due to the shutdown of an insured's business or dependent property (supply chain) due to the coronavirus and/or an order of civil authority related to the coronavirus?

Recognizing that your staff may be working remotely and there may be a need for information to be readily at hand, we thought it would be helpful to share perspective on a question being asked commonly by agents of their carriers. Like you, we are focusing on the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners, and are working hard to support them in this difficult time. We also recognize, however, that you may be dealing with frequent customer inquiries which require prompt attention.

Recently, the most common question pertaining to commercial property insurance is whether there is coverage for business income loss due to the shutdown of an insured's business or dependent property (supply chain) due to the coronavirus and/or order of civil authority related to the coronavirus.

Our property policies generally do not provide coverage for loss or damage arising out of the coronavirus for direct damage, business income (including dependent property coverage) or civil authority:

  • Property policies typically contain language that requires direct physical loss or damage to property by a covered cause of loss for coverage to apply; The presence of a virus on a surface generally would not constitute direct physical loss or damage.
  • Our commercial property policies also generally exclude loss or damage caused by or resulting from "virus" so there would be no covered cause of loss per that explicit language.

As you know, we are unable to respond to hypothetical questions or claims scenarios, and policyholders with specific claim questions should submit a claim to our Hanover claims center for coverage review. This question and answer section is for informational purposes only and does not provide any coverage. Coverage of any claim is determined by the facts presented, the coverage terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the issued policy.

+If an employee uses their auto for food delivery and gets into an accident, are they covered under their personal auto policy?

The Hanover wants to support our customers during these unprecedented times. While each claim will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, if a loss occurs before June 1, 2020, while a listed operator is delivering food for their employer, The Hanover will not deny the claim on the basis of the use of the vehicle for this purpose.

+Is The Hanover offering the new ISO advisory endorsement?

You may be aware the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) has recently released two advisory endorsements that provide limited business income (BI) and extra expense coverage for mandated closure of a business by a civil authority due to the presence or suspected presence of the coronavirus. Please note, this is not a filed endorsement and we are not planning to make these endorsements available.

+Do you anticipate an impact to service operations during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Please know, we are open for business and available to you, your staff and our customers. Should an office need to close as a precaution or as part of an outbreak, we have plans in place for our teams to work remotely. In fact, more than 95% of our frontline service representatives are fully set up with work-from-home capabilities. We are also able to route calls to other locations to minimize business interruption.

+How can I access The Hanover's systems from a remote work environment?

We recognize many of you are working remotely. And, we've received questions about the best way to access The Hanover's systems. For your convenience and ease, we have a created helpful instructions you can download and/or print so you are able to continue doing business with us.

+What should agents contracted with your Customer Service Center (CSC) expect?

During the coronavirus outbreak, please be assured that your customers will continue to receive the excellent service and support they've come to know. With 95% of our frontline staff set up with work-from-home capabilities, we anticipate minimal, if any, disruptions. In addition, our service center is spread across three regions in Worcester, MA., Howell, MI., and Atlanta, GA., with overflow procedures to route calls if one location, for any reason, is unavailable. Your agency's business continuity for your Hanover customers is secure through our Customer Service Center. Thank you for your partnership and the trust you place in us. If you have questions about our plans, please reach out to your CSC contact.

+What options are there for customers who require a physical audit, but are uncomfortable with an onsite visit during the coronavirus outbreak?

We are encouraging all physical audits to be handled electronically and by phone. If your insured has a physical audit scheduled, they should be hearing from their auditor soon with an offer to conduct an electronic audit as an alternative. If you have specific questions, please call 800-922-8246, option 6.

Information for New York state agents

At The Hanover, we are committed to helping our shared customers understand their insurance policy, particularly their business interruption protection in conjunction with questions that have come from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With this in mind, we encourage our New York state agents and policyholders to read this special message that, in accordance with a request from the New York Department of Financial Services, provides information related to our commercial property insurance policies.

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  • Company events that bring together large groups and all non-essential business travel have been canceled or rescheduled.
  • Alternative ways to manage claims, including use of photos and video, are being leveraged when possible.
  • Claims adjusters conducting onsite visits will follow CDC health recommendations regarding social distancing.

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