Core Values

Our strategic priorities and core skills keep us focused, but our values are what make our company special.

Our values drive the behavior that allows us to move quickly and to enjoy our journey together.

Integrity and Honesty

We believe our journey requires complete honesty about how we are doing, as individuals and as a team. With ongoing, open dialogue, and a focus on getting better every day, we will achieve our goal of being a world class company.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We believe we can ensure our success by consistently looking for ways to come together to improve our competitive position.

We must work across functions and markets to get to the best solutions quickly. Through teamwork, we become more efficient and effective, achieving positive results that even the most talented among us could never achieve alone.

Accountability for Results

We believe we all must hold ourselves accountable for our results. On great teams, every member works to understand his or her respective role and embraces opportunities to take responsibility and make a difference. Every person matters.

We will win together.

Commitment to Winning

We believe we must commit to win in every market in which we compete, and we provide the people, products, and services necessary to do just that. We will never dabble in any market or in any product line. And, every agent partner and every customer can expect that we are committed to delivering the very best to them every day.


We believe that employees should be recognized and rewarded for the contributions they make to our company and the extent to which they live our values. What matters most is how well we contribute individually and collectively to create a world class company.