Conserving Natural Resources and Reducing Waste


At our Energy Star certified Corporate Headquarters in Worcester, Massachusetts, we have made numerous energy investments, including:

  • 100 percent wind power for electrical consumption at our 800,000 square foot facility, equating to over 59 percent of the entire electricity demand across our entire 1,360,000 square foot U.S. office portfolio
  • An ice harvesting thermal storage program utilizing new high efficiency chillers to keep our facility cool and conserve approximately 535,000 KwH per year, the equivalent of 398 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide and an additional 135,000 KwH per year utilizing new high efficiency chillers
  • Parking garages equipped with LED lighting on motion sensor controls
  • Charging stations for electric cars
  • A data center cooled without mechanical cooling by capitalizing on natural cooling when the exterior temperature falls below 43°
  • Fan systems utilizing high efficiency, variable speed drive motors
  • Continuous commissioning energy management systems to resolve operating problems and optimize energy use
  • White roofs on many buildings to lower heating and cooling requirements at both our major campuses in Worcester, MA and Howell, Michigan

In addition, the company's U.S. field offices include four LEED-certified and 11 Energy Star buildings, and seven additional buildings that have earned both certifications.


  • The recycling and composting program at Hanover’s Worcester campus includes approximately 118 tons of single-stream, co-mingled recycling, 13 tons of composted material, and 33 tons of construction and demolition material per year, which diverts 42 percent of the total waste stream away from landfills
  • Our cafeteria offers 100 percent compostable and/or recyclable dining materials
  • A comprehensive paper shredding and recycling program in each of our Hanover-owned offices
  • An e-waste recycling program is in place and our vendor partnership includes clearing all computer hard drives of sensitive data so they can be recycled with the recycled e-waste
  • A bulb and battery recycling program, resulting in approximately 2,500 bulbs and 350 pounds of batteries recycled annually at our Worcester and Howell facilities

Additionally, in conjunction with our Hanover 2021 strategic plan, we strive to identify new ways to leverage technology to reduce paper, resources and gas/carbon emissions.


  • Touchless faucets and ultra-low flow water aeration restrictions throughout most of our buildings
  • Landscape irrigation water sourced entirely from an onsite well to reduce water treatment needs
  • 14 Filtered water filling stations at our corporate headquarters, conserving the equivalent of more than 139,000 plastic water bottles per year


  • A partnership with MassRIDES, a ride-matching service sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation encouraging employees to walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, utilize transit or work a compressed week, including tax benefits for qualifying transportation expenses
  • Flexible work schedules and remote work, helping to reduce carbon emissions associated from commuting
  • Environmentally focused grounds maintenance program utilizing a zero phosphorus fertilizer and reduced Nitrogen input by 40% in 2017 at the Worcester Campus
  • Donations of used office furniture and supplies so they can be reused
  • Community supported agriculture (CSA) program for employees to support local, sustainable agriculture