Two ways to sell value over price

Most people care about price, but you know price isn't all that matters. Your expertise and unique differentiators as an advisor, an agency and insurance professional bring value to your clients that can be priceless.

The challenge is how to balance the conversation to meet their needs with the right coverages, while respecting that price impacts their decision.

When clients ask for a quote or lower price, there are two simple things you can do to help them see the value you bring to their insurance purchase decision.

  • Set the foundation for a value conversation:
    "I know that price is important to you. It's important to all of us and that's why we represent the best and most competitive insurance companies. Understanding your business and your needs, and ensuring we offer you the right coverages, limits and services to protect you are equally important."
  • Present the proposal in terms of value:
    "Before we look at the price, let's start by reviewing a few key things that are really important for your business."

According to a Small Business Risk Report, 82% of small business owners agree that proper coverage is more important than pricing. Start the value conversation by:

  • Reviewing two or three key coverages
  • Discussing limits and deductible options
  • Highlighting value-added services of the insurance agency and company

You may consider an annual insurance review, where you can discuss specific questions with your customers to help ensure their business is properly protected. By taking a value approach in your conversations, you have a much better chance of winning their loyalty and trust.