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Data breaches resulting from cyberattacks, theft or loss of confidential client information can have significant consequences on your client’s bottom line, as well as their reputation. That’s why it’s critical to ensure each client has the appropriate cyber coverage.

The Hanover’s Management Liability Cyber Privacy & Security Advantage Coverage (ML Cyber Advantage) solution is specifically designed for larger limits and exposures. ML Cyber Advantage provides clients with more significant cyber exposures with the broad protection they need.

Target appetite

We specialize in writing cyber coverage for both private companies and nonprofit organizations. Our broad appetite and comprehensive portfolio of innovative and market competitive products enable us to write cyber coverage for almost any kind of business or organization.

  • Agriculture
  • Business to business services
  • Business & trade associations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Construction
  • Financial institutions
  • Food processing
  • Foundations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Museums
  • Natural resources
  • Not for profit organizations
  • Oil & gas
  • Personal services
  • Professional services
  • Social services
  • Tech manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Vocational training
  • Waste management
  • Wholesale

Undesirable classes include:

  • Publicly traded Companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Gambling institutions
  • Defense contractors
  • Public/ government entities
  • Higher education entities

Internet only companies and high tech companies are also undesirable classes for our ML Cyber Advantage offering; however, Hanover Technology Advantage targets these companies and offers a broad multi-line product suite to meet their coverage needs.

Find out more about our Hanover Technology Advantage

Product offerings

ML Cyber Advantage is a single coverage part that can be written in a convenient modular policy or as a standalone policy. Our offering gives you flexibility to customize coverages by endorsement to meet each client’s unique needs. Limits are available from $500,000 up to $5,000,000 Aggregate, with minimum premiums starting at $1,000.

ML Cyber Advantage includes multiple insuring agreements: 

  • Privacy and security liability – liability arising out of a privacy breach (failure to protect personally identifiable information) or a security breach (failure to protect systems)
  • Cyber media liability – liability for infringements related to electronic media
  • Breach event expenses – expenses for notification costs, forensic investigation, credit monitoring, call center and PR firms
  • Breach reward expenses – expenses to pay informants who provide information leading to the capture and conviction of a “hacker”
  • Breach restoration expenses – expenses to rebuild data/media
  • Cyber investigations – defense costs for regulatory investigations
  • Cyber business interruption and Extra Expense – coverage for loss of net income/continuing expenses arising out of a security breach
  • Cyber extortion expenses – coverage for loss of funds surrendered for threats to release confidential records
  • Cyber theft – coverage for loss of funds or property due to fraudulent transfer via entry into a computer system through the internet

Other product features include:

  • Criminal proceedings – ability to include criminal proceedings on the liability side
  • Broad definition of Confidential Records – includes non-public, financial, credit card, employment and healthcare related information and corporate sensitive information (via endorsement)
  • Coverage for confidential data in electronic and physical form

Additional optional coverage endorsements include:

  • Payment card fines and penalties
  • Consumer redress funds

In addition to our broad coverage, ML Cyber Advantage includes expert risk management and cyber claims services before, during and after a breach occurs:

  • Pre-breach – access to a risk prevention and mitigation portal, which provides tools and resources to help clients understand their exposures, establish a response plan and minimize the effects of a breach on their organization as well as a directory to quickly find external resources with expertise in pre- and post-breach disciplines
  • During a breach – ability to use any Provider during a breach
  • Post-breach – access to an attorney specializing in cybersecurity and data privacy events

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