AIX Testimonials

Jim O'Connell - Principal & Director, B&B Programs, a division of Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC

"Over the years I have worked with many insurance companies and their executive management teams to place program business. At B&B, we focus on underwriting results and distribution. It's critical that we're in alignment with the companies we represent and underwrite specialty business for. At every step, AIX is exemplary in its level of engagement and responsiveness."

"AIX is clear in its commitments, and they have executed exactly as promised. Their ongoing communication, understanding, and dedication to a real partnership have made our endeavors very successful, and we look forward to doing even more business with AIX in the future."

Kenneth C. Hegel Jr. - Cosmetic Insurance Services, a division of Frenkel & Company

“We wanted to find a true partner that not only understood program business, but was committed to the industry and shared our goals and objectives of continued growth and success of the program. We are extremely happy with AIX and appreciate what we have been able to accomplish together.

Along with outstanding support, AIX provides us with unique product offerings, an extremely professional and knowledgeable management service team, incredibly responsive service, financial strength and stability, program business expertise, flexibility, innovative problem solving, state-of-the-art technology, and a successful track record. What company could not be successful with a partner who demonstrates these attributes every day?”