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BBB and clearsurance ratingsWe are committed to being there when our customers need us. Day in and day out, our skilled claims professionals help us deliver on this promise – getting people back on the road, back into the homes, and back to business after the unexpected occurs. Every claim – no matter how big or how small – is important to us.

"Great company to do business with! In all the years we have done business with this company we have been very happy with them. Their experience, professionalism and ability to anticipate our needs, has been what has kept us as clients for 22 years. They really know their clients and respond to their needs in a very timely manner. Their rates have always been reasonable as well. They will continue to have our business for many years to come."

-As posted on by Ellie62

"Setting up my insurance policy with Hanover was quick and I was able to set it up before going into work! As soon as it was processed, the car dealership got a fax immediately. When I had to file an insurance claim, their customer service was friendly and the process was started in minutes. They get to the point because they're eager to help. The thing I've benefited from most was the Loss of Use coverage…."

-Samantha from Ohio

"My husband and I recently had a major water damage claim at our house. Our claims adjuster has been absolutely delightful to work with. She is thorough, compassionate, knowledgeable, efficient and kind. I just can't say enough good things about her. She has made this whole process so much easier. Because of her service, we'll be Hanover customers for a long time!"

-Susan from New York

"Great bundled policy with homeowners, auto and umbrella/liability. So far no claims need to file but customer service has been satisfactory with billing and they come highly rated from my agent."

-As posted on by qoq78

"I need to let you know what a blessing she, as your representative for The Hanover, has been. She took care of the problem at hand and quicker than I anticipated. Thank you so very much for the dignity that was shown in the quick response to help get this fixed."

-Richard from Michigan

"Claim settled quickly. In my opinion, The Hanover is easy to work with when you have a claim. We had hit a deer and they were very quick to settle out our claim (car was totaled), and get us a check."

-As posted on by hockeymom22

"Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in making the experience of burst water pipes in my home on Jan. 9, 2017, painless and easy. I was devastated with the mess I woke up with on that morning…. You took very good care of me and the devastation."

-Sandy from Michigan

"Easy to work with. Hanover has been a great company to deal with. Easily transferred policies to new cars and when I moved."

-As posted on by Smb1001

"It has been a pleasure working with The Hanover on the auto accident claim that was filed last week and I thought you might like to know that we have been impressed with the service we received. The people I spoke to were quick to get the wheels in motion (no pun intended) and they provided updates on the status of the claim as well as clear directions on what we should expect….Disruptions like this are never easy, but this has been remarkably smooth."

-Elaine from Wisconsin

"Our entire home's roof was damaged due to a hail storm. Hanover Insurance replaced my roof without blinking an eye and without raising my rates. It doesn't get better than that! The insurance adjuster was personable and knowledgeable, two traits that don't often go hand and hand in the personal insurance world."

-As posted on by lhaight

"We wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you and The Hanover. You were consistently clear, helpful and responsive. What might have been a very unpleasant experience was handled really well, and made us glad that we have The Hanover as our carrier, and that you were our contact person."

-Robert from Massachusetts

"This has been the easiest going insurance company i have used to date for my car or even my home."

-As posted on by Paradoxvoid22

"Thank you all for your help in handling my car claim. You were patient to answer all of my questions and efficient in processing the claim. Having never been in an accident like this, it was an intimidating time. I hope I never experience that again. But if I do, I'm glad to know that the folks at The Hanover do such a good job."

-Charlotte from Michigan

"The service I received could not be improved upon. Everyone was courteous and professional… The actions of your people eased the pain greatly and it [my truck] is now back to new condition… I have had two claims in the past with other companies (neither were my fault) and the service was ok… The Hanover's is the best that I have experienced."

-Ashton from Virginia

"Truly there when you need them. We had a wind storm come through our neighborhood and it blew several shingles off our roof. I contacted Hanover immediately and was pleasantly surprised to find that we were covered. They sent an adjuster within a few days and authorized a whole new roof within a week! Our agent was extremely pleasant, they paid promptly and we love our roof."

-As posted on by Jstpshply

"We are happy to be represented by The Hanover Insurance Group-, and will continue to praise and recommend your company to our friends and relations."

-Joseph from Massachusetts

The Hanover Insurance Group − no one better
"We have had a homeowner's policy with The Hanover for 21 years and an automotive policy with them for 25 years. While we've had very few claims on our policy, The Hanover has been consistently excellent with customer service while offering very competitive rates."

-As posted on by newt91

"Utilizing the automatic payment at Hanover Auto Insurance was easy and nice to receive a small discount for going paperless. The email correspondence was convenient when initially setting up the insurance. Being able to print proof of insurance immediately was also convenient. I used an insurance broker to help make the decision. They helped with all the paperwork and finding the best policy for my needs. An improvement though would making the billing a little more detailed as to what the charges mean and are for. Wish emails were sent out to remind when a payment is due."

-Abby from Michigan

Great company
"I have had this company for insurance for 10 years now. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with them. We have had two claims with them, one for our home and one for auto. They were both handled great and fast as well. I would recommend this company to friends and family. They have competitive rates as well."

-As posted on by thecraftymonkeh

"Hanover Auto Insurance is very affordable and covers everything I need especially when I was involved in an accident last year. They have fantastic employees that are very very understanding. They have always been willing to work with my husband and I. So far I've had a great experience."

-Melissa fron New Hampshire

Great insurance company
"We switched to The Hanover Insurance Group after [---] raised our rates, and we absolutely love them. They have great customer service, and when I was hit, I was really taken care of by The Hanover."

-As posted on by hak44

"I've been dealing with Hanover for years. I love this company and no one can get me to switch companies."

-Jacobi from Michigan

Amazing insurance company
"This company is amazing. We have three cars on our policy with very low rates. I had to submit a claim and they took care of it right away, were very quick to answer any of my questions and worked with me when I wanted to switch to a different shop to take a look at my car."

-As posted on by hyechica

"I changed to The Hanover Insurance after being with my prior provider for over 35 years. Just one month after changing to The Hanover, my home incurred hail damage. I was very concerned as I had just changed to The Hanover. However, my experience with the claims adjuster was excellent. The adjuster inspected the home, provided me with a check (less depreciation) right on the spot and noted that I would be reimbursed for the balance once the work was complete. Upon completion of the work, I submitted my final invoice to the adjuster and the balance of the approved funding was released within one week. I really appreciate the professionalism of this company."

-As posted with the Better Business Bureau by Thomas K.

"Best, most honest insurance company I have ever used. I had an issue with billing due to their system and it was fixed and I received a discount."

-As posted on by Getpokedbyhope

"Glad we switched to Hanover! I have been very happy with my experience with Hanover. We used to have State Farm and Allstate and while they were not bad, the pricing that we received with Hanover combined with their great customer service has made us love our decision to switch."

-As posted on by CL2017

"I had a problem with my roof. The Hanover took care of the problem swiftly and did an excellent job. I couldn't be happier with the result. I would recommend them to anyone, and I often do."

-As posted with the Better Business Bureau by Nicholas M.

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