Our new digital selling solution

At The Hanover, we are committed to innovation, and the success of the independent agency channel. That's why we feel the most impactful innovations are the ones that take place collaboratively with our agency partners, and ones that offer a combination of technological advancement and professional expertise.

We created Insurago to help agents compete and succeed in the modern insurance marketplace. With Insurago, agents are able offer independent professionals, allied healthcare providers and small firms across more than 100 professions a way to quickly and easily purchase professional liability coverage.

Insurago is a digital selling solution for a fast-growing, underserved market paired with easy access to real-life agent expertise for customers who may want guidance or support.

Insurago is one of the many steps we are making in our digital future with independent agents. We plan to expand this offering, and extend this solution to other products, as we keep on the move together.


For Hanover agents

Go to TAP Marketing to learn more about Insurago and see how it can help grow your business.