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Construction safety

No construction project is the same; each has unique challenges that require a team approach to ensure protection is provided to people and property.

The Hanover Risk Solutions team understands the challenges contractors face and with their expertise and years of experience in your corner can help ensure a safe project.

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  • Construction workers working

    Ergonomics Interactive Toolkit

    Any working position requires the right combination of conditions to prevent injury and keep employees on the job. Evaluating the job and finding solutions to prevent ergonomic injuries is easier with this interactive online tool, which can help your business identify ergonomic risks and create a plan to help prevent them.

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  • Fleet Safety

    Organizational fleet safety program

    This free course provides information about nine elements that make up a quality Fleet Safety Program and strategies for developing and implementing a program.

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  • Fall prevention checklist

    Fall prevention checklist

    In spite of the abundance of caution recommended for employees working around construction, particularly with ladders and scaffolding, falls — particularly those that cause critical injuries — remain a distressingly common cause of workplace fatalities. Help keep the risks in mind with this checklist — and keep your workers from becoming statistics.

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Construction solutions

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