Electrical safety

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No business operates without electricity, and no business can continue to operate if all electrical systems aren’t up and running smoothly and efficiently.

But keeping systems running safely is even more important—for employees, for patrons, for inventory, for property, and for the future of your business.

Simple maintenance can be key to preventing electrical incidents from injuring people and destroying property, and can help keep your business humming. Hanover Risk Solutions has assembled the resources you need to help keep a power outage from turning into a shut down.

  • Equipment inspection

    Assess your electrical preventive maintenance

    Regular maintenance is key to preventing problems in your electrical system. This easy e-learning course covers the questions you should ask about the health of your electrical system and provides insight on improving the reliability and helping prevent shut-downs.

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  • Thermographic testing

    Thermographic testing of electrical equipment

    Learn about this method of testing electrical equipment that can help you detect small problems before they sidetrack your business. Infrared thermography detects hot spots that can indicate problems like poor connections, unbalanced loads, insulation failures or other conditions that can be costing you money – and could cost you in injuries, production interruptions and worse.

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  • Inspectors

    Electrical self-inspection checklist

    Use this quick checklist to find any gaps in your electrical safety standards and procedures, and correct them. A helpful tool to prepare for compliance with OSHA regulations and NFPA codes and standards, this simple checklist can highlight areas that need your attention.

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We’ve developed the following resources to support your efforts in creating and maintaining an effective electrical preventive maintenance program and finding ways to help keep your workers safe when working with or around electrical equipment.

Risk Solutions partners

We’ve partnered with industry associates to offer products, services and training at no charge or substantial discount to help you control losses and improve auto-related economics.

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Hartford Steam Boiler
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HSB provides equipment insurance and engineering services to Hanover policyholders. Webinars and tips to help keep your systems up and running. Learn more

Education & training

Electrical preventive maintenance

This e-learning course gives practical suggestions on how to protect this most vital resource by inspection and maintenance, becoming aware of potential problems before a costly electrical failure stalls your business and destroys property. Learn more

Assess your electrical preventive maintenance

Finding out just how vulnerable your electrical preventive maintenance system is is the first step to improving it. This e-learning course helps you evaluate your system and its components. Learn more

Several of our Hanover Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Visit Hanover Risk Solutions Partners to register as a policyholder and access information on this discounted service.

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