Fire safety

Fire exit sign

Any business can be brought low by a fire, and that damage can come from many sources: an electrical fire, a patron’s cigarette, a cooking fire or a clothes dryer. Considering those risks before they destroy your business can help prevent a small spark from turning into a flame that will injure workers and patrons and destroy your property.

Hanover Risk Solutions has done the planning for you, with safety checklists and prepared plans that can help mitigate the risk that a fire will make your hard-earned success go up in flames.

  • Electrical conduit and ducts

    Electrical distribution system

    Your electrical system keeps your business running, and production on time — when it’s running well. If something goes wrong, not only can your production grind to a halt, but your business could go up in smoke. Electrical problems are a common source of fire. But if you know what the components of your electrical system are, and how they’re supposed to look, you can be one step ahead and call in experts to help you keep your business and employees safe.

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  • Fire equipment

    Sprinkler system testing and maintenance

    Keeping fire suppression systems running means testing and maintaining the components of both wet pipe and dry pipe sprinkler systems diligently. But where to begin? This advisory can help you identify the tests and parts that are necessary to keep things running smoothly.

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  • Ceiling sprinkler

    Automatic sprinklers—what can impact effectiveness?

    Is your sprinkler system the right one for your business? For your building? For what you store and do there? While those sprinkler heads can inspire confidence they’re not efficient if the systems they’re connected to don’t take into account all these things. Consider the details in this advisory when evaluating our fire suppression system?

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