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Rows of reporters, writers, artists sitting at computers might seem like a safe occupation—but there are risks: that working habits will cause injury or that property damage will halt operations. Worse still is the damage that those computers will lose data or that a data breach will result in a shutdown or an embarrassing PR problem.

Hanover Risk Solutions can help.

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Protecting valuable technology equipment is vital to protecting employees and profits. Hanover Risk Solutions has professionals with advice on all aspects of your technology safety and security.

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The risks in the technology industry are as varied as the businesses themselves. Hanover Risk Solutions has considered a wide variety of the risks your business faces.

Risk Solutions Partners

Our alliances with providers of risk solutions for our media organizations insureds include:

  • Wireless and battery operated alarm systems and monitoring to deliver priority response and result in low false alarms and high apprehensions from Videofied using wireless and cellular technology
  • The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes
  • E&S Engineering and Safety Service helps you stay up to date on current risk management issues.

Visit Risk Solutions Partners for more information.

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