Moving and storage

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The challenges of the moving and storage business are like the business itself—always changing as staff and customer demands change.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we know that finding and keeping experienced drivers and avoiding losses to maintain financial stability and preserve reputation are the top goals. Those goals fall into place as you build a culture of safety, a goal we can help you meet with our suite of solutions.

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    Ergonomic solutions – safe lifting

    Keeping workers safe from lifting injuries is a full-time job in the moving and storage industries, and with good reason: 25 percent of workers’ compensation claims are related to back injuries. Helping employees understand the mechanics of such injuries and helping them avoid them can be key.

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    Distracted driving

    As a business owner with a fleet, you know that fleet accidents can be the most costly and are likely the most common concern, and driving distracted is widely known to be the cause of most motor vehicle crashes. Giving drivers and their managers the tools they need to avoid distracted driving can help cut down on losses.

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    Organizational Fleet Safety

    Keeping drivers, vehicles and cargo safe may seem like an overwhelming job, but Hanover’s Organizational Fleet Safety program helps break down the process into manageable stages, with the tools to help you move to the next stage—and keep everyone safer.

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Risk Solutions partners

Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solutions to costly problems. Your company may find these especially helpful:

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Driver monitoring
Drivers Alert Logo
Finding the services you need to help keep your drivers safe is easier with the services provided by Driver’s Alert: training courses, GPS monitoring, motor vehicle records checks and their popular “How’s My Driving” program can all help keep your fleet on the road—safely. Learn More
Background checks and employment screening
IntelliCorp logo
Being careful is easier with careful drivers – and taking care when hiring them can go a long way toward staffing up with safe drivers. IntelliCorp can help with screening and background checks. Learn more
Business continuity
OFB-EZ logo
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning Tool can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes. Learn more
Security system monitoring
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Testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems can help keep your business secure. Learn More

Education & training

Electrical preventive maintenance

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Take this online course at your convenience to see how you can stop electrical problems before they stop your business. Access now

The Hanover Driver Safety Advantage

Offers driver safety training courses addressing the challenges most commonly encountered by company drivers. Hanover policyholders can sign-in or register to take advantage of this program. Access now

The Hanover Worker Safety Advantage

Offers worker safety training courses. For those in the moving and storage industries, Back Injury Prevention can help moving staff stay on the job – and out of traction. Hanover Policyholders can sign in or register to take advantage of this program. Access now

Several of our Hanover Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Visit Hanover Risk Solutions Partners to register as a policyholder and access information on this discounted – and sometimes free – information.

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