Natural hazards

Storm clouds

It may be the most unpredictable—and uncontrollable—factor business owners face: what damage will Mother Nature inflict?

And the damage doesn’t just rain down from the sky in the form of snow or rain or hail; a serious storm can halt business and result in revenue loss, make facilities unsafe, result in injury to patrons or workers, and create losses for far longer than the length of the storm.

But there are ways to prepare for what the next storm might bring. At Hanover Risk Solutions, we’ve put that planning at your fingertips.

  • Flooded cars

    The power of water: how to prepare and protect your business from floods

    Flooding can happen anywhere, so your business, no matter where it is, is vulnerable. Whether it flows off your roof, in through your building walls, in a trickle or in an overwhelming stream, the damage can be catastrophic. Be prepared.

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  • Hail stones

    Hail protection for HVAC equipment and skylights

    Hail may be small or large, but the risk it poses to your property is always significant – roofs, windows, and especially essential systems like HVAC equipment. See how you can protect your property.

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  • Tornado Season sign

    Steps to reduce the risk of tornado damage in commercial structures

    One of our most capricious weather events, tornadoes can destroy your business in a matter of seconds. And though there’s little to be done when a tornado is bearing down, there are things you can do to prepare to protect your property and your employees.

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