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Even in the era of digital content, there’s still a substantial business in the printed word, more than $90 billion a year in revenue among the more than 30,000 commercial printing businesses in the U.S. And whether it’s lithography, flexography, letterpress, thermography, laser printing, gravure, relief printing, screen printing or digital printing, the concerns are the same: keeping the presses running and keeping workers safe while they do so.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we have the information you need to do both, and we have alliances with partners who can also help you get your business up and running if a weather event threatens to close you down.

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It’s easy for any business to be sidelined by electrical fires from production equipment; but when the equipment is aging or maintenance has been deferred, the potential for an electrical fire is high. We can help head off that risk.

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Any business’s needs are multi-faceted; at Hanover Risk Solutions, we can zero in on your needs and cover all the bases to help mitigate the risks your face every day.

Risk Solutions Partners

Our alliances with providers of risk solutions for our plastics manufacturer insureds include:

  • The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes
  • Testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems with Tyco Simplex Grinnell
Visit Risk Solutions Partners for more information.

Education and Training

  • Take an online course at your convenience; view our online Electrical Preventive Maintenance video to see how you can stop problems before they stop your business.
  • The Hanover Driver Safety Advantage Program offers driver training courses through a national provider of online training, available to your employees wherever they may be.
  • Additional driver training courses and 197 OSHA Essential/General Safety courses are available at a discount through Driver's Alert. Visit the training section on Risk Solutions Partners.
Several of our other Hanover Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Visit Risk Solutions Partners to register as a policyholder and access information on this discounted—and sometimes free—information.

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