Safety Program Management

Taking safety measures means more than just following a set of rules; it means top management support and direction of your safety program, with safety given the same priority as productivity and quality.

With sample programs, checklists, suggested inspection schedules and a host of thought-provoking plans, your business can mitigate the risk that missing a piece of the safety program can cause.


  • Sample Workplace Inspection

    While accidents can happen anytime or anywhere, a good workplace inspection can help uncover vulnerabilities – places where accidents are likely to happen – and thereby help prevent them. This sample inspection can help you get started.

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  • Workplace Accident Investigation

    Once an incident has occurred, a thorough investigation is key to getting prompt help, submitting appropriate reports, and helping employers and employees get back to normal. It can also help with making changes so that such incidents don’t reoccur.

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  • Rapid Reporting Cuts Workers’ Compensation Claims Costs

    The cost of claims is always a concern, but experience has shown that claims cost can be reduced if prompt and accurate reporting is in place. Prompt reporting also means your injured workers receive appropriate medical attention.

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Risk Solutions Partners

Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solutions to costly problems. Among the offerings you may find these especially helpful.

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Workplace Safety Training
The Hanover Worker Safety Advantage Program provides free worker safety training courses online for your convenience – and your workers. These courses address the most common losses workers face. Hanover Policyholders can sign in or register to take advantage of this program. Learn More

Education & Training

Organizational Fleet Safety Program

Learn the nine steps to creating a safer fleet with this e-learning course. Start Now

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