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School Safety Checklist

Download our pdf checklist which include these checklists:


Lighting adequate with no shadows
All exit lights working
Inclement weather protection (mats, wet floor signs available, etc.)
Threshold plates secure
Handrails secure
Safety glass in doors
Free of obstructions

Stairs and Hallways

Housekeeping adequate
Lighting adequate
Treads in good repair—nonskid
Landings free of obstacles
Ramps with non-skid surface
Hallways free of obstacles
Lockers secure and in good condition
Handrails in good repair


Housekeeping adequate
Desks, chairs, tables in good repair
Floor in good condition
Electrical hazards controlled (extension cords, proper grounding, etc.)
Adequate aisle space for quick exit
Equipment secured and in good condition


Tools in good condition—stored
Machines guarded—good condition
Proper storage of flammable liquids
Ladders provided where necessary
Heavy items on floor or bottom shelf
Shelves adequate for load—secured
Personal Protective Equipment provided and utilized
Housekeeping adequate
Safety zones marked by or near machines
Electrical equipment grounded and in good repair
Switches on machines in good repair
Adequate space for operation
Equipment secured to floor
Welding curtains in welding area
Shop adequately ventilated
Proper ventilation of toxic vapors
Personal items removed before operating equipment

Labs and Lab Storerooms

Amount of chemicals and glassware kept to a minimum in work area
Housekeeping satisfactory
All electrical equipment grounded
Eye protection provided and worn
Heavy items on lower shelves
Chemicals kept at a sufficient operating level, not overstocked
Acids stored on bottom shelves or in acid storage cabinets
Areas available for working other than in stock rooms
Shelves attached to walls
Ventilation adequate for work
Electrical/gas control sources properly identified and secure

Gym/Locker Room Areas

Lockers in good condition/secure
Gym equipment in good condition
Bleachers in good condition
Shower floors clean
Stairs/handrails in good repair/secure
Housekeeping adequate
Supplies properly stored/secured
Shower controls working properly
Adequate first aid supplies

Playground Equipment and Parking Lot Areas

Playground equipment in good condition
Parking lot lights working
Adequate traffic control on school grounds with parking lanes properly marked
Sidewalks in good repair
Guardrails where needed
Parking lot surface in good repair
Grounds in good condition
Trees, shrubs, etc. trimmed
Fence in good repair
Entrance cables in good condition
Stadium bleacher and fields in good condition
Tennis courts in good condition
Adequate ground erosion measures
Stadium score boards in good condition and covered in off season
Playground game lanes marked
Adequate mowing of grounds
Grounds free of debris, glass, dried grass, leaves, weeds, tree limbs, etc.


Folding doors/gates in good repair
Door closures operating properly
Stage areas in good condition
Adequate first aid equipment
Elevator working properly/inspected
Custodial closets and storage areas clean
Adequate housekeeping in cafeteria
Slip resistant mats in dishwashing areas
Nurses office properly equipped
Fire alarm system operating
Current inspection on all fire extinguishers
All flammables properly stored
Plans for drills and emergencies
Building is structurally safe
Building security system working
Heating and air condition system in good condition and inspected
Power rooms secured and without hazards
Boiler rooms, power rooms, etc. not being used for storage
Asbestos control program

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