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Wholesalers move mountains of goods every day to keep the economy moving—the medical, dental and hospital equipment vital to the health of every citizen; plumbing and heating equipment needed in every development under construction; and the books, clothing, electronics, furniture and nursery products that enhance our lives.

But what happens when weather takes the roof off the warehouse or a trailer-load of goods goes off the road? Or when employees are sidelined by injury or illness? That flow of products, if disrupted, can impact the bottom line.

At Hanover Risk Solutions, we’ve considered how to mitigate the risk of just such a list of catastrophes.

  • Warehouse worker

    Ergonomic solutions – safe lifting

    Lifting injuries are among the most common – but many of them can be prevented. Learn how.

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  • Forklift

    Powered industrial trucks

    Your powered material handling equipment is vital to your operation, whether it's a forklift or a tractor, a platform lift truck or a motorized hand truck. OSHA standards help prevent accidents from sidelining your employees and your production and distribution. Make sure you understand the responsibilities inherent in using these valuable vehicles.

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  • Slip warning sign

    Sample slip, trip and fall prevention program

    Slips and falls are among the most common—and the most costly—injuries in almost any industry. But a comprehensive plan can help prevent many of these incidents and keep your business safer for patrons and employees alike.

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A long list of incidents and accidents can keep the goods you wholesale from becoming the goods others sell at retail. We’ve considered those risks and have some tips to help you lessen the chances of such an interruption in the chain of commerce.

Risk Solutions Partners

Hanover has partnered with other expert safety professionals to provide our customers with discounted solutions to costly problems. Wholesalers may find these especially helpful:

  • Testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring as well as testing and inspection of automatic sprinkler systems with Tyco SimplexGrinnell
  • The Hanover Driver Safety Advantage program offers driver training courses through a national provider of online safety training.
  • Driver monitoring and other training services are also available with Driver’s Alert, including the well-known, “How’s My Driving” program that monitors driving 24/7/365.
  • The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) Disaster Recovery Planning can help you plan for the worst and get your business up and running when catastrophe strikes
Visit Risk Solutions Partners for more information.

Education and training

Several of our Hanover Risk Solutions Partners also provide education videos and safety training. Visit Risk Solutions Partners to register as a policyholder and access information on this discounted—and sometimes free—information.

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