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It is our mission to partner with growth-focused agencies like yours to deliver a one-of-kind consultative engagement.

We do this by taking the time to work with you and understand your agency through deep discussion and data, then aligning our solutions to enable long-term, sustainable growth.

To help you realize this goal, we offer Hanover Agency Insight, a deep and distinct consultative analytical engagement that delivers a powerful multi-year view into your book of business. The data gathered and the information derived from this process help us uncover and identify key opportunities for your agency to serve your customers better than ever.

We have brand new insights

3,000+ consultations completed. $50B in premium analyzed. 
10 years of delivering actionable recommendations for growth for agencies like yours.


Here's what we've learned...

  • 50% of business accounts contain a single policy or line.  
  • Of the other half, 24% are split across multiple markets.  
  • As a result, the typical mid-sized agency has 50 carrier relationships, despite having over 60% of their premium placed with their top five markets. 

Our experience has also enabled us to find new ways to refine our processes and deliver even greater value. So, even if you have worked with us previously on an Agency Insight, there are several great reasons why you should partner  with us again. 

More - and better - data

We've expanded the scope of our process to provide insights across all commercial lines. This includes the ability to go deeper in specific specialty product segments.

Broader reach

We leverage exclusive access to marketplace insights to show sphere of influence and market share data for your agency at a territorial and an industry level.

A comprehensive understanding

We've enhanced our benchmarking capabilities to calibrate against best-in-class peers, by agency profile, size and territory.


Turning insights into action

We use investigative questioning paired with quantitative analysis to deliver a focused and consultative agency assessment. We want you to fully understand the breadth of opportunities in your book of business, and use these findings to collaboratively create a course of action.

Whether your agency would benefit from focusing on account rounding, maximizing resources, streamlining small specialty lines or selectively partnering with carriers, we work to develop actionable steps to advance your growth trajectory.

It’s powerful analysis, and it works. But, unlike other carriers with similar services, our offering is transformative, going beyond data and into a detailed action plan.

Our Center of Excellence

Helping your agency thrive is a top priority of our partnership. That's why we've created the Hanover Agency Insight Center of Excellence, a dedicated team of data analysts, business consultants and operational experts that conducts research, interprets data and creates an action plan to uncover new opportunities for your agency. This team works with you to deliver unrivaled: 

  • Program management
  • Data stewardship
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Growth and innovation strategies
  • Opportunities to ensure your customers have the right protection




      How Hanover Agency Insight charts a course for your growth


      We help you understand your challenges

      • Small account servicing costs
      • The inconvenience of split accounts
      • Evolving customer expectations
      • Too many non-strategic markets
      • Over-reliance on wholesalers
      • The need for specialization to accelerate growth



      We analyze your operations

      • Number and type of markets
      • Industry and line of business reporting
      • Stack rank producers and account managers across key metrics
      • Opportunities for account rounding
      • Market share by locality
      • Operational inefficiencies and best practices



      We provide you with strategy and support

      • Mutual growth opportunities in relevant capabilities
      • Enhanced operational efficiencies, through our customer service center
      • Revenue generating opportunities
      • New appointment roadmap tool
      • Potential opportunities to elevate client experience





      Here's how we partner with you


      We have a conversation with you to identify key concerns and areas of opportunity...


      ...gather and analyze your agency's data and relevant market information...


      ...present a customized giveback, sharing our analyses...


      ...identify and review the best opportunities and collaborate with you on a path forward... 


      ...work with you to develop an action plan...


      ...and align our unique capabilities to capitalize on the right opportunities together.

      The Hanover analyzed our book, showed us real numbers, and proved that consolidating business would not just be a profitable choice for our agency, but an impactful way to better serve customers.This in turn has allowed us to meet and exceed customer expectations more than ever before.

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