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TAP Rewards – powered by Amazon


Here's one more reason to choose The Hanover for your small commercial business: rewards in an instant.

When you sign up for TAP Rewards, rewards you earn from our sales incentive programs are deposited directly into your Amazon account. If you haven't already registered, see how it works below.




To start receiving rewards for every qualifying TAP Sales policy, sign up for TAP Rewards today. Registration is quick and easy, and you'll be able to link to your Amazon account and start earning instant rewards.

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You have two ways to earn rewards! 

  1. Issue a new BOP in TAP Sales or point of sale through June 30, earn $10!
  2. Issue a new workers’ comp policy in point of sale through June 30 earn $20!

These rewards are deposited directly into your Amazon account. 

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Spend your rewards right away or save up for a big ticket item. Check your TAP Rewards dashboard to keep track of your earnings. Quote now to start earning rewards.

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If you are registered, you can start earning rewards by quoting and issuing in TAP Sales.  

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The Hanover reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the program at its discretion. All decisions pertaining to the program are to be made exclusively by The Hanover and are final. The promotional campaign is open only to employees of agencies appointed by The Hanover that are allowed to participate by their employer. Tax reporting information (including Social Security number) will be required for rewards totaling $600 or more paid to any one individual or any agency from The Hanover in a calendar year. It is acknowledged that the ultimate decision regarding the purchase of insurance will be made by the policyholder.