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TAP Sales is our new online quote-and-issue solution for small commercial business, and it’s the latest addition to our suite of TAP agency resources. With a new interface and features, TAP Sales was designed with you in mind.



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TAP into training opportunities

We have self-guided training sessions available online to give you a deeper look at all of the functionality and benefits of TAP Sales.

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Intuitive navigation

  • Simplified quoting process in less than 10 steps
  • Easily edit any section—at any time
  • Responsive screen flow based on coverage being quoted

It’s a fresh, modern experience.

Fewer questions

  • Review eligibility up front
  • Only answer class-specific questions

We’ve streamlined the process.

Quicker quoting

  • 20+ prefilled fields to save you time
  • Almost 50% fewer screens
  • Dramatically fewer clicks
  • Quote Business Owner's Advantage in less than five minutes

We’ve cut your quoting time in half.

A clearer quote proposal

  • More customization options, including co-branding
  • Customer-friendly presentation
  • New, simplified summary option

Faster policy delivery

  • Receive declaration pages in minutes
  • Reduced referrals
  • Issue policy referrals immediately upon underwriter review

Support when you need it

  • One-click request for a consult with your Hanover underwriter

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TAP Sales is ready for your small commercial business. Start a quote and experience it for yourself.
You can also download our TAP Sales brochure for more information.

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