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Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan (MAIP) Information

Information on this page is intended for use by the Massachusetts Assigned Risk Producers (ARPs). All MAIP policies assigned to Hanover are subject to the requirements listed below.

All MAIP policies are issued by Citizens Insurance Company of America.

ARP Checklist

  • Policy application and supplemental application (see below) signed by insured and agent
  • Policy down payment
  • Copy of all operators licenses
  • Excluded operator form (if applicable)
  • Foreign license driving history with certified translation (if applicable)
  • Pre-insurance inspection form
  • Anti-theft discount form
  • Annual mileage discount form
  • Proof of MA transit discount eligibility
  • Form W-9 Tax ID number and certification
  • Supplemental Application

Contact Information

Assigned Risk Voluntary Rate Quote Line


Please be advised that this telephone number is only to be used for obtaining Hanover’s voluntary private passenger automobile rate for MAIP policies assigned to Hanover. Please note that all quote premiums are based solely on the information provided and are subject to change based on missing or inaccurate information provided.

Customer Service 800.922.8427

Underwriting 508.855.5866

Claims 800.628.0250

SIU 508.855.3448

Policy Application and Down Payment Information

Hanover requires the Original Policy Application, the Initial Down payment and Finance Company Payments to be mailed to:

The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. - MAIP
440 Lincoln Street, N142
Worcester, MA 01653-0002

Hanover requires 100% payment of premium if the policyholder has been cancelled for non-payment anytime in the past twenty-four (24) month calendar period.

Otherwise, Hanover requires a down payment of 25% of the Residual Market policy premium and will bill the remaining balance in nine (9) equal installments which will include a $6.00 service fee per bill.

Policy Endorsements/Change Request Information:

Hanover requests Endorsements/Change Requests be emailed to HanoverPLOps@hanover.com, faxed to 508.635.5977, or mailed to the address above.

Installment Payments are to be mailed to:
The Hanover Insurance Company
PO Box 580045
Charlotte, NC 28258-0045

Inspection Requirements

Pre-Inspection Requirements

The Hanover Insurance Group has adopted in its entirety, Regulation 211 CMR 94.00 – Mandatory Pre-Insurance Inspection of Private Passenger Motor Vehicles as set forth by the Commissioner of Insurance. For specific details about Hanover's inspection requirements, please refer to the guidelines below.

Rule 55: Pre-Insurance Inspection Program

Inspection Locations

The Hanover Insurance Group utilizes CARCO inspection services in Massachusetts. For an inspection site most convenient to where you live or work please dial toll free 1-888-242-1200 or visit the CARCO website.

Rate Information

Hanover requires that the current Residual Market rate be quoted for each MAIP policy. Upon complete verification of the information found on the policy application, Hanover will compare the MAIP rate to the Hanover Insurance Group’s voluntary rate.

Please inform the customer that their policy premium will never be higher than the quoted MAIP rate and, in certain instances, their policy premium may be lower upon policy issuance.

Limited Brokerage Agreement

The Limited Brokerage Agreement below is for MAIP policies assigned to Citizens of America Company (Citizens) and the policyholder was offered and accepted a standard voluntary Auto policy at renewal. Please read and print this agreement for your file if your agency does not currently have an agency contract with The Hanover Insurance Group. This document explains the rules and responsibilities of Citizens and your agency to service this business.

Limited Brokerage Agreement

Hanover Exclusion Form

The Hanover Exclusion Form below is for MAIP policies assigned to the Citizens of America Company (Citizens) where an insured is excluding a driver on the policy.

Hanover Exclusion Form