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At The Hanover, we're here to protect what matters most to you — but also to help you get the most out of your insurance program and make your insurance experience as easy as possible.

From enhanced self-service options to valuable risk management and claims services automatically included with your policy, we're here to get you the help and information you need, when you need it.

Your online portal

My Hanover Policy puts your Hanover experience at your fingertips. This secure self-service portal enables you to:

  • View your policy information
  • File and track a claim
  • View/pay your bill online
  • Sign up for text notifications
  • Access Risk Solutions resources
  • Enroll in paperless billing
  • Explore premium audit resources
  • View agent contact information

All you need is your ZIP code and policy number to complete the easy registration process.

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     Your Risk Solutions services

    Hanover Risk Solutions professionals meet the challenges of Hanover policyholders with a comprehensive array of tools to help reduce your business’s risks wherever they arise—whether it’s in your fleet or your facility, your systems or your staff.

    Education and training

    Education and training

    Our education and training programs are brief enough to fit your busy schedule yet comprehensive enough to keep you up to date and prepared to maintain your safety programs and help reduce your risk of loss.

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    Discounted programs

    Discounted programs

    Access safety products and services offered by our Risk Solutions Partners at no charge or a substantial discount.

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    Innovative solutions

    Innovative solutions

    Take advantage of our technical and specialized tools to help you manage risk, including:

    • Wearable sensors that help evaluate ergonomic conditions
    • IoT sensors for businesses to detect leaks or freezing conditions
    • Infrared surveys to help detect electrical problems

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    Hanover i-on program

    Access to experts

    Access to experts

    Dedicated Risk Solutions consultants partner with you to tailor a risk management plan:

    • Consultants with 20+ years experience
    • Educated and certified in fire protection, industrial safety, ergonomics, theft prevention and more
    • Up to date on cutting edge technologies to reduce risk and enhance risk management efforts

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    Hanover Worker Safety Advantage

    Hanover Worker Safety Advantage

    You have access to complimentary training courses targeting the most common workplace injury risks for employees.

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    Return to work guidelines

    Return to work guidelines

    We offer dedicated resources to help prepare a return-to-work plan for injured employees.

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    Your claims services 

    At The Hanover, we’re committed to helping you manage claims with ease and help achieve the best outcome when your business faces a claim. As part of your workers’ comp policy, you receive these claims services:

    Claims resource guide

    Get the information you need to help you navigate your workers’ compensation claim, including pharmacy information, medical billing information, ancillary scheduling services and more, in our claims resource guide.

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    Nurse Triage 24

    Our Nurse Triage 24 (NT24) program provides employees on the job access to registered nurses 24/7 who can provide quick actionable and expert advice in the event of a workplace injury. At the time of injury, they are able to triage medical symptoms over the phone—a service we automatically include for all Hanover workers' compensation policyholders.

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    Medical provider search

    Access more than 700,000 in-network providers and medical equipment suppliers in all 50 states to help control the overall cost of claims. Quickly and easily find a preferred provider in your state:


    All other states​​​​


    Our industry-leading claim service and 24/7 reporting help you get back to business quickly. If you ever need to make a claim, you'll be glad you have The Hanover.

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     Find more information about claims reporting and access workers' compensation claims kits on our workers' compensation solutions page.


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    If you have any questions about your policy or all of the benefits included with your policy, your Hanover Risk Management and Claims Onboarding team is here to help.

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