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Business owner's policy (BOP)

The Hanover's BOP offers a convenient way for you to provide protection to a wide range of your small business customers. With online quoting and several general and industry-specific endorsement options, you are able to offer your customers tailored coverage for their business needs.

Coverage options

We offer both general and industry-specific broadening endorsements to help ensure your customers have the right level of coverage for their small business. Our selection of tiered general broadening endorsements includes bronze, silver, gold and platinum. These feature up to 65 enhancements to our base BOP coverage at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase them separately.

Compare our general BOP endorsements

Industry-Specific Endorsements

Our selection of industry-specific endorsements offers additional options for your clients, allowing you to offer more industry-focused coverages that are meaningful for your clients. Our industry-specific BOP endorsements include:

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