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Commercial excess and umbrella

The Hanover's commercial excess/umbrella coverage offers your clients the extra protection they need in the event of a catastrophic loss. We have the expertise to help you design a liability insurance program that helps to protect your clients' assets.

Coverage description

The Hanover's commercial follow form excess and umbrella product offers your clients limits that go beyond your client's scheduled general liability, commercial auto and employer's liability. The coverage is available for a variety of businesses including retailers, service industries, financial institutions, manufacturers, wholesalers and real estate managers. With flexible pricing, The Hanover's coverage allows your clients to select the coverage they need, all at an affordable premium.

The coverage is provided through a Coverage A/Coverage B format:

  • Coverage A— Follow form excess liability: follow form coverage is provided when underlying insurance is scheduled to the policy under Coverage A, eliminating potential gaps in coverage
  • Coverage B—Umbrella liability: Provides traditional umbrella coverage in excess of a retained limit

How the coverage works

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