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Cultural institutions

Cultural institutions face unique exposures that require special insurance needs. Our specialized Cultural Institutions Advantage offers comprehensive solutions at competitive rates.


Hanover Cultural Institutions Advantage targets smaller cultural institutions whose total insurance value, including collections, is less than $50 million. Examples of these institutions include:






  • History museums
  • Art museums
  • Nonprofit art galleries
  • Children's museums
  • Science and technology museums
  • Maritime and military museums
  • Photography museums
  • Sports museums
  • Transportation museums
  • Historical sites, buildings and societies
  • Theaters – not motion picture
  • Theatrical companies
  • Classical musical ensembles and symphonies
  • Choral groups such as madrigals or barbershop quartets
  • Dance troupes such as ballet
  • Botanical gardens
  • Horticultural societies
  • Public and private libraries
  • Business and corporate libraries
  • Research and law libraries


  • For profit art galleries
  • Conservation districts and nature parks
  • Zoological gardens
  • Large concerts or festivals
  • Dinner theaters
  • Aquariums
  • Aviaries
  • Zoos
  • Workers Compensation

Product offerings

Specialized coverages and endorsements:

In addition, we offer specialized products that offer cultural institutions enhanced protection:

The Hanover Cultural Institutions Advantage

At The Hanover, we know the value of comprehensive protection. Our Cultural Institutions Advantage solution protects against the unique risks faced by cultural institutions. Unlock the Hanover Advantage:

  • Significant experience — We have expert, local underwriting resources with national product claims and loss control services, all supported by regional experts.
  • Competitive products — Our innovative and comprehensive product suite with business owner's policy and commercial package policy options can be designed to fit current and future needs, including:
    • Industry-specific broadening endorsements
    • Three coverage options for errors and omissions
    • Total account solutions 
  • Dedicated claims team — Our claims teams have years of industry expertise and experience handling the unique types of claims cultural institutions can face. We employ experts in the fields of water mitigation, subrogation, risk transfer, litigation management, nurse and legal analysis, accounting, and SIU.
  • Risk management services — We assist customers in fire prevention in display buildings and art restoration areas, food safety in cafeterias, slip and fall prevention, security assessments relating to transportation, packing and unpacking, and we provide e-learning courses on abuse prevention and response strategies.
  • Risk Solutions partnership – We provide criminal background checks online as well as employment screening services, testing and inspection of alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Trusted partner — We have the support and financial strength of an "A" rated leading insurance carrier.


Property and casualty

Deb Zborowski
AVP, Industry Solutions

Marine and industrial property

Chris Zaneski
VP, Distribution Management

Management and professional liability

Jon Martin
VP, Distribution Management

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