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HSI Risk Management

Learning to Prevent Losses Saves Money

Being preoccupied with risk isn’t always a bad thing. For clients, effectively controlling risk can translate into millions of saved dollars. For you, it helps build agent value in the eyes of your clients, increasing retention and improving new business acquisition.

HSI offers unparalleled online and in-person loss control services that can help your clients reduce loss exposures and improve management controls.

Experts at Your Disposal

Our team of experienced HSIP Risk Control Engineers is able to work closely with you and your client, helping your client identify exposures, develop plans, and implement procedures to help prevent loss incidents from occurring. Here is what you can expect from our professionals:

  • Engineers with an average of 15 years of risk management experience
  • Engineers educated and certified in Fire Protection, Industrial Safety, Vehicle Safety, Ergonomics, Construction Safety, Theft Prevention, OSHA, etc.
  • Engineers who align recommendations with customer requests and “own” their service plan through completion
  • Engineers who can provide flexible recommendations based on customer need and ability
  • Professionals who are responsive, thorough, analytical, and collaborative; all traits needed for account retention

Our highly trained engineers dig deep into problems and look to develop creative solutions where others may take an arbitrary stance. We monitor renovation projects, review new construction specifications and issue risk control recommendations.

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