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Hanover Marine Installation Floaters

Riggers and Millwrights lift, move, load, unload and, sometimes store, heavy, expensive equipment on a construction site. As a result, they face serious exposures when it comes to property of others. They require specialized protection to keep their business in business. Hanover Marine’s Riggers Liability coverage lets them perform their important function without worrying about a slip or accident destroying their business and reputation.

Target Appetite

Riggers Liability covers the legal liability of contractors or Millwrights acting as riggers for the property of others in their care, custody and control. It provides protection for:

  • Moving
  • Erecting
  • Hoisting
  • Lowering
  • Transporting

Coverage Highlights

Hanover Marine’s Riggers coverage forms provide broad coverage with various options:

  • Defense Costs
  • Earned Charges
  • Contract Penalty
  • Transit Coverage
  • Plus numerous other additional coverages included and/or available


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