Catalytic converter theft

Due to skyrocketing commodity metals prices, the demand for scrap metal has risen. Unfortunately, it has also led to an explosion in thefts of expensive, platinum-laced catalytic converters, from parked cars and SUVs.




  • A catalytic converter is a device used to reduce vehicle emissions, and can be found not only on passenger vehicles, but almost any piece of equipment using a gasoline powered engine. They have been mandatory on U.S. cars and trucks since 1975.
  • Catalytic converters can be easily removed with a socket wrench or reciprocating saw in as little as 45 seconds and be re-sold to metal recyclers.
  • Replacement and repair cost can be expensive if your vehicle is damaged during the theft.

What to do to prevent catalytic converter theft

There are several ways to help safeguard against catalytic converter theft ,including:

  • Vehicles and equipment that have catalytic converters should be parked in a secured garage or building.
  • If parking inside is not an option, the catalytic converter can be welded to the vehicle by a qualified mechanic.
  • Install a theft deterrent device, such as the Catclamp™, which essentially creates a cage around the catalytic converter. More information about this device can be found on the website. (Please note that The Hanover Insurance Group and their affiliates and subsidiaries do not endorse this product, nor do they guarantee its safety or effectiveness.)

There is no end in sight to skyrocketing commodity metals prices. Therefore, it is unlikely that theft attempts will decrease. But by management taking a proactive approach at reducing theft, you could prevent this occurrence at your operation.

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171-1003 (5/14)