Equipment theft prevention tips

Equipment theft costs the construction industry up to $1 billion annually. You can take simple, inexpensive steps to make your equipment less attractive to a thief.

Secure your equipment

  • Always remove keys from equipment and lock the cab doors.
  • Consider re-keying the equipment to a unique key for your company.
  • Use the master electrical disconnect and lock the access panel to the switch.
  • Install a hidden fuel shut off valve.
  • Pull a fuse or relay on the ignition circuit.
  • Have a unique paint treatment on the equipment.
  • Provide company name and a 24-hour phone number on your equipment.
  • Engage neighbors and others on the job to watch your equipment.
  • Park in well lighted, visible areas.
  • Use an interlocking parking pattern to secure equipment.
  • Chain and padlock equipment to each other.

Products and services

Many equipment manufacturers offer GPS based fleet management systems that include locators and security alarm functions. Third party GPS and alarm providers can provide equipment location and monitoring services.

Discuss any insurance policy or deductible changes with your agent.

Work with law enforcement

  • Educate local police on your equipment inventory and types of equipment you own.
  • Provide Product Identification Number (PIN), photos and descriptions of the equipment to law enforcement.
  • Maintain a 24-hour contact number so law enforcement can reach you after hours in an emergency, or to confirm equipment use or ownership.
  • Request additional patrols and discuss with local police who has after-hours access and authorization.
  • Immediately report any minor thefts or other criminal activity to law enforcement.
  • Request that any stolen equipment be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and follow up in three days to confirm entry.

Equipment recovery

To improve your chance of recovering stolen equipment, take these steps:

  • Report the theft immediately to law enforcement — include the PIN number, photos and description.
  • Notify the equipment manufacturer and the local service agencies of the theft.
  • Provide them with the Product Identification Number (PIN) of the equipment. Notify other contractors to be on the lookout for your equipment.
  • Follow up with the police to assure that your equipment is in National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.
  • File your insurance claim promptly so the insurance carrier can investigate the case as well.

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