Quality control programs for construction

New technology, architectural requirements, and building products to meet owner demands often require specialized instruction and worker training to ensure proper installation. To help minimize project damage, rework, and possible future claims, it is imperative that you establish a documented quality control program that:

  • Describes how quality of installed work will be ensured
  • Assigns responsibilities of all employees depending on their role
  • Provides written and photographic evidence of work being installed according to project specifications
  • Includes on-site inspections to verify manufacturer procedures are followed throughout the application, installation, or construction process
  • Documents acceptance of change orders by the client
  • Shows workers have been trained and qualified on material/product/equipment installations per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Allows for inspection and acceptance of materials used prior to installation
  • Tracks inspections, material selection and worker training

Quality control checklist

Answering “yes” to the questions below means you’re doing a good job, but even a single “no” means you have opportunities to improve work and employee safety practices.

  • Does your organization currently have a program in place to review the quality of materials being used?
  • Do you perform frequent quality inspections of your work that include written and photographic documentation?
  • Are the workers who are installing materials trained and qualified for the particular task?
  • Do you have regular meetings to monitor the progress and quality of critical tasks on the jobsite?
  • Are you effectively documenting change orders that can affect the type of materials used in the construction process?
  • Do you keep quality records stored in a safe place for an extended period of time?

Your Hanover resources

Hanover policyholder benefits include not only our comprehensive coverage, but also access to risk solutions partner services, including:

  • Equipment theft prevention and recovery products
  • Background check services
  • Disaster and recovery planning services
  • Industry-specific training resources
  • Alarm system testing and maintenance services
  • Automatic sprinkler testing and maintenance services

Visit our Hanover construction risk solutions page to learn more about our risk solutions partners.

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