Seat belts

Many drivers still fail to take advantage of belts, rationalizing that they’re a nuisance, uncomfortable or not necessary for the type of driving they do.

What seat belts mean to you

If you don’t use a seat belt, read the following comments and evaluate their possible value to you.

  1. Seat belts help prevent the second collision — being thrown around inside the vehicle. Even sudden stops without a collision can severely jolt occupants if they are not restrained.
  2. Your chance of survival in an accident is much greater if you stay inside the vehicle. Thousands of deaths and serious injuries caused by being hurled from the vehicle would not have happened had the victims protected themselves with belts.
  3. The need to be belted in is actually greater on short trips. Most accidents occur close to home.
  4. A firmly fastened belt is just as necessary traveling slow or fast. Many injury-producing accidents occur at impact speeds of 40 M.P.H. or less.
  5. A seat belt can help keep you from being knocked unconscious — which multiplies many times over your chances of escaping should the vehicle catch on fire or go into water.
  6. If you hit a bump, drop off a road edge, make a sudden maneuver or lose control of your vehicle, a buckled belt will keep you behind the wheel for faster and more effective recovery.

These are facts, not hearsay. Make use of seat belts a habit.

Final thought

Fasten your belt snugly EVERY time you get into a vehicle. Wear it low, so that the bottom edge of it is tight across the top of the thighs. Impact pressure should always be taken at the hip joints and dispersed over the pelvic area — never across the abdomen.

You may only need your seat belt once — but which time?

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