Take AIM at security and sales

Many people mistakenly believe that sales skills and security awareness are two separate concerns. If you take AIM at sales you can combine the two processes into a single behavior.


Acknowledge the customer when they arrive in your store. Promptly greeting the customer and asking about their needs will let legitimate customers know you are interested in their business.


Individualize the sales experience. This means focusing on one customer at a time and showing that customer one item at a time. By limiting the amount of goods out of the case at one time, you reduce the values exposed to a snatch-and-grab robbery. By focusing on an individual customer you prevent sneak thefts and make a potential thief casing your store uncomfortable. If additional customers enter the store, alert your associates to the new arrivals and they can engage them.


Manage the inventory by keeping goods under lock and key. Manage the sale process by identifying specific items or lines that appeal to the customer and showing them these goods. Keep the showcases locked and keep the goods under your control.

You can also move the sale to a more private area if the customer will need to see multiple pieces. This makes the potential thief more uncomfortable and allows you to make the interaction with the customer more focused.

Security and sales are not separate concerns. You can make your staff aware of the needs of both by taking AIM at security.

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