What is a UL alarm certificate?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) offers a service with tangible benefits to business owners and others who rely on their burglar alarm systems. If your burglar alarm service is provided by a listed UL central station monitoring firm, you can request that the alarm company inspect your burglar alarm system and issue a UL certificate verifying that the system meets the requirements as either a central station or mercantile burglar alarm. UL will take the certificate report and enter it into a database that is accessible by your insurance company to verify the type and extent of your alarm protection.

The benefit is that to qualify for the certificate program your system must be inspected, tested and reviewed to assure compliance with the applicable UL standards. UL will follow up with the alarm company to spot check certificate holders to verify that maintenance, testing, service and response are being provided in accordance with the UL standards.

The cost of this service varies by alarm company. In many cases you may have to make adjustments or additions to your alarm system if it does not meet the proper UL installation standards.

Why is this an advantage to you?

  • You have verification of the extent and type of alarm protection. It is not based on a sales quote or a promise but an inspection to verify compliance with recognized standards.
  • Your insurance agent and company can verify your alarm service and extent for underwriting purposes. It may eliminate questions or the need for follow-up alarm information.
  • It helps you make sure that your alarm provider meets the UL standards for installations, service and monitoring. If they cannot issue the UL certificate, you should ask why they cannot do so.

If you are planning to install a new alarm, change service providers or make changes to your existing service and have questions, call your Hanover agent or Hanover Risk Solutions consultant for advice that is specific to your situation.

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