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Platinum Auto

Car insurance that fits your needs! We offer auto insurance coverage to fit your needs, no matter what life stage you are in! Whether you are insuring new drivers or adding more cars and coverages, we can help keep you covered.

Platinum Auto Essential

Your base car insurance policy features:

Waiver of Deductible¹
Hail storm damage to your two cars? Fire damage to your garage, car and home? Worried about paying multiple deductibles? No problem. With this feature, you’ll only pay one deductible when a single loss affects multiple properties, which could save you up to hundreds of dollars.²
Child Passenger Restraint System Replacement Coverage
Helps replace a child car seat if damaged during a covered loss, up to $300 with no deductible.
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts
Provides coverage for OEM parts for the current and two previous model years of your covered vehicle.
Mechanical Parts Replacement
Coverage for mechanical parts (e.g., non-body related auto parts such as tires and batteries) without deduction for depreciation.
Ultimate Rental
Ultimate Rental expands your Transportation Expense coverage; pays your daily rental limit for as long as it takes to repair or replace your vehicle, up to $3,000.
Ultimate Towing & Labor
When Roadside Assistance is purchased, Ultimate Towing and Labor provides up to $75 coverage for lost, broken, or stolen keys.

Optional bundles for increased protection

Platinum Auto Advantage

Looking for more protection to fit your needs? Platinum Auto Advantage includes:

New Car Replacement Guard
Feel confident when buying or leasing that new car. With New Car Replacement Guard, if your new car is totaled within one year or 15,000 miles of purchase, whichever comes first, we’ll cover its replacement without deduction for depreciation.
Newer Car Replacement
Don’t have a brand new car? With Newer Car Replacement, if your car is declared a total loss, we’ll pay up to 120% of the Actual Cash Value of the same make, model, and equipment of a vehicle one model year newer than your covered auto, regardless of when you purchased your vehicle.
Second Chance Accident Forgiveness
Accidents happen and when they do, good drivers shouldn’t be penalized. With Second Chance Accident Forgiveness, your first surchargeable accident in any 36-month period will be forgiven. That means no surcharge points on your policy for that accident and no increase in premium as a result of that accident.
Deductible Dividends
Deductible Dividends means immediate rewards, because your collision deductible is reduced as soon as the endorsement is added to your policy. Over the course of five years, this could save you up to $500 off your deductible! (A minimum deductible of $100 applies in the event of a loss.)
Platinum Auto Elite

We bundled some of our most popular coverages for the best value!

Pet Injury Protection
Helps ease the financial burden if your dog or cat is injured in a car accident. Covers up to $500 in veterinarian bills and up to $500 for burial/disposal expenses if your dog or cat passes on in a covered loss as a result of the accident.
Rental Car Coverage
With this feature, if you have an accident in a rented auto, we will pay (in addition to paying for the damage to the rented auto):
  • Loss-of-use: The rental value of the duration the car is out of service for which you are liable
  • Diminished value: The difference in the car’s resale value after it has been repaired
  • Reasonable fees: The expenses the rental company incurs processing the claim for which you are liable
Trip Interruption
Vacations cost enough. Why pay more if your car gets damaged and can’t be driven? When you have a covered loss and are 100+ miles from home, this coverage provides reimbursement up to $1,000 for reasonable and necessary expenses, including:
  • Food and lodging
  • Travel expenses to get home or to your intended destination
  • Cost of returning your covered auto to your home or place of garaging (except in the case of a total loss)
Rental Coverage Upgrade
Lets you choose from a “luxury” car or “large SUV” fleet while your car is repaired, after a covered accident, from our preferred rental provider. Why settle for less of a car than your own?
Accidental Airbag Deployment
If your manufacturer installed airbag deploys in an event not related to a collision or comprehensive loss, the cost of reinstalling your airbag is fully covered. No deductible applies.

Four à la carte endorsement options

  • Travel Right (includes Pet Injury Protection, Rental Car Coverage, and Trip Interruption)
  • Rental Coverage Upgrade
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Extended Non-Owned
  • Full/Preferred Glass Coverage – Use our Preferred Glass Provider to repair damaged safety glass on your covered auto and the repair will be completed with no deductible. If you choose to have your repair done by a different provider, we will pay the reasonable cost of repairing damaged safety glass without a deductible (if the glass is replaced, a $100 deductible will apply) (for all states EXCEPT CT, MA, NY).
¹When there is a single loss that affects more than one property (such as two cars, or a car, home, and boat) only the highest policy deductible will apply when the loss to that policy exceeds the deductible. All other policy deductibles will be waived.