Platinum coverage

Our package policy for home, auto and umbrella; a combination of convenience and a broad list of coverages.



Accident forgiveness

Accidents happen and when they do, good drivers shouldn’t have to pay the price. With accident forgiveness, your first surchargeable accident in any 36-month period will be forgiven. That means no surcharge points and no increase in premium as a result of that accident.

Car seat replacement

This coverage helps replace a child's car seat if damaged during a covered loss, up to $300 with no deductible.

Excess custom equipment

Up to $1,500 coverage for custom equipment such as accessories or devices installed by someone other than the manufacturer. Additional coverage available up to $40K.

Excess electronic equipment

Up to $1,000 coverage for permanently installed electronic equipment not original to the vehicle. Additional coverage available up to $20K.

Mechanical parts 

This is coverage for mechanical parts (e.g., non-body related auto parts such as tires and batteries) without deduction for depreciation.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 

OEM provides coverage for OEM parts for the current and two previous model years of a vehicle.

Ultimate rental

Ultimate rental expands your transportation expense coverage, and pays your daily rental limit for as long as it takes to repair or replace your vehicle, up to $3,000.

Vehicle key replacement

This coverage provides up to $250 coverage for lost, broken, or stolen keys.

Waiver of deductible

Hail storm damage to your two cars? Fire damage to your garage, car and home? With this feature, you’ll only pay one deductible when a single loss affects multiple properties.



Debris removal

This type of coverage is to help with cleanup in the event of a loss.

Extended dwelling replacement

Extended dwelling replacement covers the cost of losses exceeding the policy’s limit, up to 150% of Coverage A. Benefits include: covering spikes in rebuilding labor and material costs, and ensuring replacement of materials with those of comparable quality.

Equipment breakdown

Today’s homes have a lot of equipment. That means more risk of breakdowns. For common household appliances, this affordable endorsement covers physical losses or damage caused by sudden mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown. 

Fire extinguisher recharge or replacement

This pays to recharge or replace a portable fire extinguisher used to fight a fire in the covered home. No deductible.

Guaranteed replacement cost

Guaranteed replacement cost coverage insures the full replacement cost to rebuild your home after a total loss with materials and craftsmanship of like kind and quality regardless of rising material and labor costs.

Lock replacement

No need to worry about the replacement of external locks if keys are stolen.

Mortgage extra expense

If you have a total loss to your home, you’ll get reimbursed for certain expenses to replace your property. If you need a new mortgage and it has a higher interest rate (at the same principal amount and term), additional interest—one year—is covered. This benefit also includes up to $1,000 for title, appraisal, and application fees. No deductible.

Siding and/or roof restoration 

This is coverage for the costs of replacing the entirety of siding or roofing after a claim when similar materials to be used for replacement are no longer available. Rather than having mismatched siding or roofing on your home, this coverage can help you keep a uniform look to your home’s exterior.

Water backup and sump overflow

Water damage incidents are often not covered by a basic home policy. That's why it's important to make sure you are protected with water backup coverage.


Benefits of working with independent insurance agents

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Working with independent agents can help ensure you get the best combination of coverage, value and price. 

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