Prestige coverage

You work hard for what you have, and we work hard to help you protect it. With an array of bundled coverage options, Hanover Prestige provides protection, high quality service and choice. 



Global rental

Do you ever wonder if you should be purchasing the extra insurance when renting a car? With Prestige global rental coverage you won't need to worry as you will receive worldwide protection when involved in an accident with a rental car. Plus, you'll be covered for any out of pocket expenses for loss of use or loss of value that the rental car company may charge you.

Rental upgrade

This endorsement provides up to $6K in rental car coverage without a daily limit, so you don't have to sacrifice size or luxury while your car is being repaired due to a claim.

Travel companion

This provides $250 in coverage for towing and roadside assistance, and $1K for hotel stays, meals and transportation, in the event your car becomes inoperable. Plus, for pet owners, you are covered up to $2,500 if your dog or cat is injured in an accident in your car.

Lifetime original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

In the event of a repair resulting from a claim, you will receive the brand name original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, regardless of how old your vehicle is. And, they come with a lifetime guarantee.

New car extender

Cars within the three latest model years (up to 45K miles) will get the full replacement cost for a new car in the event of a total loss. It's like protection from depreciation. Vehicles older than three model years will receive the actual cash value of a vehicle one model year newer. It's an instant upgrade in value.



Guaranteed replacement cost plus

This coverage offers the added flexibility of a cash settlement option, allowing you to rebuild, downsize or even start over somewhere else, in the event of a total loss. 

Loss of use

If an incident has left your home uninhabitable, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of a hotel or meals. Prestige offers unlimited loss of use coverage to support you and your family while your home is repaired. No dollar limit, no time limit.

Flexible limits

Most home insurance policies provide protection for personal belongings at a standard of 50% of the home's replacement cost. For some that is too much, others too little. We give you the choice of selecting the amount of coverage for your personal belongings that is right for you, with ranges of 30%-100% of your home's insured value (Coverage A).

Water backup

It's one of the most common and costly forms of damage to a home. Yet, most standard insurance policies do not include water backup coverage and if they do it is usually a small amount, less than $10K. Prestige provides $25K of coverage to start, and can be increased further. 

Ordinance or law

Building codes change, and it can be costly to rebuild after a loss when it also requires modernizing your home. This coverage protects you from these additional expenses following a loss, and it's especially powerful protection for those with older or historic homes.

Service line

Provides $20K of coverage for sewer, water, electricity, telecomm and other utility lines that run from the exterior of your home to the public utility connection. Typically these service line repair costs are not covered by a homeowner's policy.

Loss mitigation expense

In the event of a claim exceeding $10K, this coverage offers up to $2,500 for steps you take to help protect against that loss from occurring again.

Deductible waiver for large loss

The last thing you want to do is pay out of pocket after you've experienced a major incident. This coverage eliminates the deductible when a loss exceeds $50K.

Protect your jewelry

jewelry close up—rings, ear rings

With our valuable items plus (VIP) blanket property coverage, any single item is covered up to $10K per claim.

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