Condominium coverage

As a condo owner, you don't have some of the traditional risks associated with owning a house, but our condo coverage options offer protection for your belongings and your lifestyle.


Personal belongings

Your furniture, appliances, clothing are protected with this coverage.

Loss of use

This protection covers the cost of additional living expenses you incur to maintain your normal standard of living when your condominium is inhabitable due to a covered cause of loss.


Claims made against you for bodily injury and property damage are covered.

Medical payments to others

This pays non-household members who are accidentally injured on your property.

Personal property replacement cost

This covers damaged, destroyed or stolen property with no deduction for age or condition.

Identity fraud

This coverage reimburses you for your legal fees, document duplication, mailing costs and more if your identity is stolen.

Refrigerated products

In the event of a power loss, this covers food spoilage in a refrigerator or freezer.

Lock replacement

If house keys are stolen, this protection covers replacement of external locks.

Special personal property

This coverage protects you against all but specifically named causes of loss, such as freezing, wear and tear, smog, rust and corrosion, and release or escape of pollutants. It broadens some policy payment limits and covers:

  • Misplacing or losing firearms, jewelry, and silverware
  • Breaking fragile items not covered in standard policies
  • Damage resulting from earth movement

Water backup and sump overflow

This covers up to $10,000 for losses and clean-up costs that result from water backing up through sewers or drains or sump overflows. 

Personal injury

This adds protection against more types of personal injury lawsuits, like invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, or wrongful entry. It covers interest on judgments, lawyer’s fees, court costs, and time off from work.*

Waive deductible

There is no deductible when the loss to your home exceeds 50% of the value of the contents of your home (Coverage C).

Scheduled items

Scheduled personal property is an endorsement that extends coverage beyond the standard protection provided in a homeowners' policy. By purchasing a scheduled personal property policy, you can expect full coverage of expensive items, such as jewelry, in the event of a claim.

Equipment breakdown

This type of protection is for an unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown in your house, not caused by normal wear and tear or corrosion. Equipment breakdown coverage can be used to cover multiple appliances at once.


*This coverage is available as part of the basic level of coverage in Indiana and Ohio.


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