Motorcycle coverage

The Hanover's motorcycle coverage is customizable to you. Our various options give you the opportunity to find coverage that fits you and your lifestyle and help bring you peace of mind both on and off the road. 


Custom and chrome coverage

Coverage for custom equipment, which includes saddlebags, fairings, windshields, luggage racks, custom plating, chrome, decals and sidecars that are not original manufacturer equipment.

Rider safety apparel

Coverage for safety apparel, which includes helmets, riding clothing, boots, gloves, eyewear and earwear worn by you or your passenger.

Original equipment and mechanical parts

Coverage for original equipment manufacturer’s parts and for mechanical parts.

Personal effects

Protection for items you may carry while you ride.

Roadside assistance

Towing and roadside services for a disabled motorcycle, with a higher coverage limit when using our preferred provider.

New and newer bike replacement

In the event of a total loss, this replaces the cost of your motorcycle within one year from the date of purchase or up to 120% of a motorcycle’s actual cash value for a motorcycle one model year newer.

Trip interruption

Pays up to $600 for necessary expenses, such as lodging, food, and alternate travel costs, when your motorcycle is damaged due to a covered loss away from home.

Electronic equipment coverage

Coverage for electronic equipment that is not original to the motorcycle up to a certain amount, including radios, stereos and navigation systems.

Deductible dividends

Reduces your motorcycle’s collision deductible right away and for every year free of surchargeable accidents or collision losses, up to a certain limit.

Second chance accident forgiveness

Your first surchargeable accident is forgiven in a 36-month period.

Agreed value

An optional loss settlement that pays you the agreed value or the cost to repair or replace your motorcycle.

Loan/lease coverage

Gap coverage that pays you the difference between the actual cash value of the motorcycle at the time of a total loss and any greater amount you owe under a written loan or lease agreement.

Even more options

In addition to motorcycle, when you have home or auto coverage with The Hanover, you are eligible for discounts.

And if you want even more customizable options for your motorcycle policy, consider our Prestige coverage offering.