Partners in Protection

We strive to provide the best service and protection to our customers. One way we do it is by partnering with high quality service providers and extending their services to you, often with special pricing and benefits for having a policy with us. These service providers include experts in Home Services, Home Security, Arborists, Water Protection, Valuable Items Services, Rental Car Services, and Information Sharing.

Home Services

Porch Home Services helps you get any home project doneā€”from routine maintenance, to large improvements, to assistance with repairs following a claim. Porch is a free service to our valued customers that connects you with high quality pros in your area.


  • Website:
  • Phone: 855-705-4717
  • Get your home projects done and hire with confidence
  • Backed by the Porch Guarantee

Home Security

Scout is a next-generation home security system that combines cutting-edge hardware design with intuitive, easy-to-use controls.


  • Website:
  • Phone: 844-287-2688
  • DIY smart home security system with optional 24/7 professional monitoring
  • 15% off all hardware purchases
  • Integrates with best-in-class smart home devices

Arborist Services

Concerned about trees causing damage to your home? HMI will connect you by referral to their national network of professional, credentialed tree care companies and ISA-certi ed arborists, for a consultative review of the trees on your property.

Horticulture Asset Management:


Water Protection

The Leak Defense System monitors water flow in your home's plumbing system and if a plumbing leak is detected, the system notifies you of the leak and shuts off the water before further damage can occur.

Leak Defense Systems:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 888-229-0384
  • Up to 30% off system purchases
  • Referral available to network of plumbers for installation
  • Mention The Hanover Insurance Group to receive your discounted pricing.
Leak Defence Systems

Valuable Items Services

Artigem not only helps replace lost or stolen jewelry in the event of a claim, but they can also help with jewelry purchases, including custom pieces. As a Hanover customer, you'll receive special pricing along with white glove service.


  • Website:
  • Phone: 888-205-2522
  • Discounts on jewelry of up to 30% off traditional retailer's prices.
  • 3-year warranty, free ring sizing, and free appraisals with each purchase

Car Rental Service

National Car Rental provides you with upgraded membership into National's Emerald Club Executive program. As an Emerald Club Executive member, the next time you rent, select any car in the Executive Area and only pay the Midsize rate (U.S. and Canada).

National Car Rental:

To enroll:
  1. Login to your My Hanover Policy account
  2. Go to the Tools & Information page and register through the provided National Car Rental link

Information Sharing Vendors

Knowledge is power. Gain more insight about your vehicles with our partner below.