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Everyone Needs a Personal Property Inventory

Successfully filing a claim for lost, damaged, or destroyed property requires some specific information. Obviously, you need to know what you own, but it would also help to know when you bought it, and what you paid. The easiest way to capture that information, and to speed up any claim you may have, is to do a complete household inventory.

Do It Today!

Making a household inventory is well worth your time. Don't put if off! In the aftermath of a fire or other catastrophe, it is almost impossible to remember what you've lost.

When creating your Home Inventory, follow these steps:

  • List Everything: First, go through each room, listing major items. Include purchase date and price, if known. Check receipts if you have them. Include serial numbers for appliances, electronics, and cameras.
  • Take Photos or Videos: Open all closet and cabinet doors. Stand in the center of each room and take one picture of each wall. Or scan the room with a video camera.
  • Update Regularly: Keep your inventory up to date. List and photograph new purchases and gifts as they arrive in your home. Delete items you no longer own.