4 smart ways to make your home safer

Americans reported about $3 billion worth of personal property crime in 2019 – averaging nearly $2,700 per burglary. Yet despite the annual losses, nearly 40 percent of U.S. residents don’t use any type of home security measure.

An investment in smart home safety devices can help you stay one step ahead of potential criminals. Want peace of mind for your home? Get smarter with these four tips.

1. Invest in smart home security.

Having a home security system professionally installed can give you peace of mind when you are not home. Systems with voice control allow you to control safety and other practical aspects of your home, including locking doors, changing your thermostat and open your garage doors. Many of these systems also include 24/7 monitoring for additional support.

2. Deter thieves with a video doorbell.

A simple security camera is limited when it comes to deterring would-be thieves. Invest in a video doorbell to give yourself a camera that sends a motion-sensored alert to your smart device and enables two-way communication to see if it is an intruder or harmless visitor. Opt for a model with 25-foot camera range and night vision to make sure you can see everything.

3. Add a smart lock to your door.

According to Safewise, forcible entry accounted for about 56 percent of entry methods for burglaries. Your home security and automation systems can deter some would-be criminals but pairing that technology with a smart lock – using fingerprint and/or smartphones to unlock – can help turn away even tech savvy thieves.

4. Apply low tech best practices.

Smart technology can enhance the security of your home, but don’t forget some basic tips to dissuade criminals, such as:

  • Changing your WiFi passwords often, as many of these smart devices are accessed via your home network
  • Stopping your mail when out of town
  • Maintaining clear lines of sight around your house so thieves have less places to hide
  • Keeping updated on neighborhood news via social media

Talk to your independent agent about how to protect your home – as well as many of the high-value items in it – in the event of a burglary. Many insurers such as The Hanover also offer discounts when it comes to helping make your home more secure.


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