5 ways to protect your high-end auto

Purchasing a car is investing in your lifestyle. And although advanced technology helps make stealing higher end cars – and the valuables within it – harder, thieves are not deterred.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, car thefts climbed by more than 9 percent in 2020 – even with the pandemic keeping a higher volume of automobiles parked at home.

Take the extra steps to help keep your car – and your lifestyle – safe and secure.

1. Tuck in your mirrors

Many higher-end cars feature sideview mirrors that tuck inward when the vehicle successfully locks. For a would-be thief, untucked mirrors can be a strong indication that the car has been left unlocked.

Indicate to potential burglars that your vehicle is locked. Make sure to lock your cars and tuck in those sideview mirrors before leaving a car unattended to help your car from becoming a potential target.

2. Secure the key fob

A key fob is designed to make your driving experience convenient, but it can also make a quick carjacking easy for potential thieves as well.

Many car owners leave this crucial piece of technology somewhere in the vehicle. Take it with you and lock your doors. When you are home, make sure the device is kept as far away from the car as possible and avoid storing near windows. Although inside the house, the key fob's signal may still be in range to allow the car to start.

3. Immobilize devices – and a thief’s plans

A trusty car alarm or steering wheel lock are good starts but partnering a physical barrier with an electronic obstacle can provide you with significantly more protection.

Invest in an electronic engine immobilizer – such as smart keys, disablers and kill switches – in order to prevent thieves from hot-wiring your vehicle.

Research what devices would work best for your vehicle to optimize security.

4. Let your would-be thieves be seen

GPS comes standard on many makes and models these days, but make sure to outfit your next ride with a tracking device that combines a GPS system with other wireless capabilities. This setup enables your car to be monitored and more easily tracked down in the event it is stolen.

Install security cameras at home, consider parking within a line of sight of parking personnel when out at a restaurant or event and always park your car in well-lit areas to make your car a riskier target for car thieves.

5. Have the right insurance

In the event you still have a car theft issue, you’ll want to have insurance that makes sense for the value of your car.

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