6 tips to share the road with cyclists

Sharing the road safely is every driver’s responsibility – whether they press down on gas pedals or bicycle pedals.

The road is also getting increasingly more crowded. More than 39 million Americans used their bicycles on roads or paved surfaces in 2019. For drivers behind the wheel, that means extra consideration must be given when interacting with the increasing number of cyclists.

Consider these six key tips for helping to ensure safe travels for everyone using the road.

1. Give cyclists space.

When trying to pass someone on a bicycle, treat them like another motorized vehicle by giving them room and moving over only when it is safe.

2. Respect a bike’s speed. 

Avoid turning directly in front of cyclists, whether they are on the road or sidewalk. They move faster than you might think. Yield to cyclists just like it is another vehicle.

3. Stay out of bike lanes.

On some roadways, you may notice white-dotted lines designated for cyclists. Spend as little time in those lanes as possible, and always use extra caution when your vehicle travels next to these lanes.

4. When stopped, look for bikes.

Look around. If you are stopped at a light or sign, look both ways twice to make sure no bicycles are near your vehicle and only proceed when it is safe. When turning right on red, be aware of any cyclists coming up on the right.

5. Check your speed.

Obey posted speed limits and adjust your speed when weather may impact conditions. This can reduce your chances of an accident when on the road with a cyclist.

6. Don’t “door” cyclists.

Before exiting your vehicle, make sure to look for any oncoming cyclists to prevent opening your door in their path.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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