Don't be held "captive" by non-independent insurance agents

When it comes time to shop for insurance, you may decide to seek out the expertise and convenience of an insurance agency.

But not all agencies are alike. Understanding the difference between "captive" and "independent" insurance agents can go a long way toward ensuring you get the best combination of coverage, value and price. This chart helps explain the advantages and convenience of working with an independent insurance agent.

Independent agents – a real difference-maker

Advantages Captive agents Independent agents
Do business with Just one insurance company Multiple preferred insurance carriers
Specialize in Their company's products A wide range of insurance products, for home, auto and business
Product and policy knowledge From the parent company Working with multiple carriers, helping them to better tailor the right coverage for you
Motivated by Loyalty to their company's product offering, which may not always be in your best interest Providing clients with the best combination of coverage, value and price from different carriers
Specific coverage options Committed to sell coverage options offered by parent company Freedom to work with multiple carriers to help ensure the right coverage for you
If your rates go up… May just offer reduced coverage from same company Can "re-shop" your policy and offer options with other companies
Your shopping experience Necessitates calls to several agencies to find the best plan "One-stop" shopping
When you have a claim Works on behalf of their company Works on your behalf

Seek your independents

When you're ready to shop, contact your independent insurance agent today. At The Hanover, we've sold insurance exclusively through independent agents since our founding in 1852.

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