Five ways to save when insuring a teen driver

16, 17, 18. These are probably significant numbers to your teen. That’s because, depending on where you live, those are ages when they can finally get a driver’s license.

Now, here are two significant numbers for you if you are a parent of that teen: 79 and 92. According to a recent New York Times article, 79 is the percentage you can expect your auto insurance rates to increase when you add a teen driver to your policy…and 92 if that teen is a boy.

Here’s a number that may make you feel a little better: Five. That’s how many ways you could minimize this increase, by educating your teen driver, understanding their driving habits, and rewarding their smart decision-making on the roads.

Insuring teen drivers – by the numbers

30 – When teens complete teenSMART’s driver education course, you’ll reduce not just your rate, but their chances of an accident by up to 30 percent. TeenSMART utilizes driving simulations and real life scenarios to help better prepare your youthful driver for the roads.

5 – That’s the dollar amount your teen could receive in Amazon rewards every 30 days with SmartPath. When you sign up and download the app, you will be able to monitor your new driver’s behavior behind the wheel, including level of distraction, speeding and hard braking and more. When your teen participates and maintains a good driving score, they’ll earn rewards.

2,500 – You probably know that, with most insurance policies, increasing your deductible and can help reduce your rate. With ParentChoice, The Hanover can offer a smart way to apply a special deductible to certain vehicles. Start with increasing the deductible by $2,500 on the cars you dont want your teen to drive. If there is a claim involving one of these cars, this increased deductible applies only if your teen was the driver.

3.0 – Some auto insurance carriers, including The Hanover, offer a good student discount for drivers who maintain a B or better average.

21 – With The Hanover’s student away at school discount, you can save when drivers 21 and younger are off at school, while their car stays at home.

Have that phone number handy

When you are ready to add a teen driver to your auto policy, call your independent agent to discuss these five ways to save. You can also visit our Safeteen website to learn more.

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