Four ways to safeguard your wine

The bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from your college reunion trip to Napa Valley. The cherished Château Lafleur purchased while visiting the Bordeaux region for your 25th anniversary. A loved wine collection spanning decades and continents should be protected with the utmost care. Whether you are new to collecting, or an experienced connoisseur, consider these five tips on how to best protect your wine.

1. Document your purchase  

Save the original receipts in a safe place. Take photos and descriptions of the receipts as well as the bottles. Be sure to include the vintage year, description and label. Make it easy to find a record of what you’ve purchased.

Keep a list of your inventory in a secure place. While a paper list is nice to have, an online record of your collection can be accessed from anywhere. Several wine cellar management apps are available to help keep a collection organized and readily available.

2. Understand the value

Knowing how much each bottle in your collection is worth is important. Find a licensed wine appraiser in your area and have them help you document the value of your collection so you know where to take the most care.

 3. Install an alarm

A properly positioned alarm can immediately alert you with a text message in the case of flooding, a rise in heat and theft. According to the French newspaper based in Bordeaux, Sud Ouest, 20% of wine sold in the world is either stolen or fake. Wine Spectator shares a figure of 5%. Theft happens and it’s important to be safeguarded in case the unthinkable occurs.

4. Insure your collection

To protect a wine collection (especially if it is stored in your home), insurance can give peace of mind and a safety net. Depending on the policy, either entire collections or individual high- value bottles can be insured. The policy can help in the event of fire, theft, breakdowns in climate-controlled systems and more.

To learn about valuable item protection and how to keep your sentimental and costly bottles insured, reach out to your independent insurance agent for help in determining which coverage best fits your needs. Hanover Prestige offers optional coverage up to $100K for priceless valuables, including fine art and wine.

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