Technical tips for remote workers

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have asked employees to work remotely. More people working remotely could mean virtual traffic jams at peak hours. For example, if three times more people are trying to connect to your network, you could experience a slow down in response time.

Here are some tips to help you and your teams remain productive.

  • Be mindful and reduce the number of applications and Internet browser windows you have open at any given time. This will help increase your network’s bandwidth.
  • Did you know streaming videos (i.e., Netflix, Disney+, etc.) and gaming online can slow your home’s Internet connection? To be efficient, consider talking with those who live with you and asking them to limit these activities during work hours.
  • Limit the use of video conferencing and consider calling a colleague or dialing into a conference call instead of participating through your computer. These actions also will help increase your network’s bandwidth.